Dust Brigade - Outpost (DB1)

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Level: 190-220
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Truth is that even lower level chars than 210 can partake in this adventure, but since loot is locked on 210+ or 215+. Regardless of level it can be fun and challenging raid. Progress itself is short and straight forward, it's just some new stuff FC has introduce that will require players to adjust their thinking and adopt to changes.


New outpost is located in former Mantis Hive in Pereptual Wastes. While there are 3 burrows underground, you can enter only at middle one. Provided that you're teamed and have authorization.


Masked Commandos all around the place drop Dust Brigade Security Pass. Drop rate is close to 100% and mobs can be soloed (it just take a while). However they do aggro on sight, so if you pick your target just outside entrance, better have calmer at hand. When you're ready to enter the Outpost, just r-click Security Pass, which will run authorization in your NCU (item doesn't get used up by that).


Whole outpost is rather small. First you're greeted by 2 more Masked Commandos. Those don't drop anything their outdoor friends don't (yep, you can get Pass inside...bit late but from heart). If you have crat in your team, he might pet one of them, they don't deal much damage, but at least they have ample health. But let's go on.

After short corridor you come to main hall (only hall really). In center of it stands Ground Chief Mikkelsen, which is your real target. But before engaging him, check the rest of place.


There are four Altars lining the wall of hall, each with different color light and different effects. While Chief Mikkelsen has a lot of health and deals quite a blow, he also cast some special debuffs on you and your teammates. And only way to get rid of them is to step in proper Altar. Futhermore, when close to dying, Ground Chief will cast 3 min long DoT. Only way to avoid that is by doing ritual which consist of runing over Yellow, Blue, Green and Red altar to Get Thrice blessed by Xan nano protection runing. Nano lasts for 12 min and because there are earthquakes when you fight Mikkelsen (basicly a root), I suggest you get this protection prior to engaging him.

Altar of The Ethernal Craftsman

Works against evade debuff
stop attacking if debuffed,
or you'll heal Ground Chief

Altar of The Ancient Form

Works against Crawler form
(enables you to fight again)

Altar of The Ethernal Cleric

Enables you to heal again

Altar of Ancient Machinist

Works against nano drain

With such effects, kiting is the only way to go with this encounter. Regardless is team passes aggro between them or there's one tank, chars will have to move around to disable debuffs Chief throws at them.

But all the effort is worth, with this Dustbrigade dropping 2 pieces of armor, 2 NCUs and 2 Master Programs (used for upgrading Alappaa shoulder pads). All in all, he has chance of dropping following items:

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Information originally provided by Trgeorge. Additional information provided by Blondengy.
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