Dust Brigade - Outpost (DB1)

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Level: 190-220
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While anyone level 190+ can enter this Dust Brigade Outpost, it is recommended to be level 210+. To get started, head to the
Dust Brigade Dig Site
Perpetual Wastelands - 2117x2758
in Perpetual Wastelands. You will see three cave entrances. To enter the outpost, take the middle one. You have to be teamed for the portal to work.

The Dust Brigade Dig Site.

Besides being teamed, you also need security clearance. For that you need a

Masked Commandos all over northern and central Perpetual Wastelands may drop these. There are usually a few in and around the Dig Site. The drop rate is close to 100% and at level 210+, you can most likely solo them, but do note that they have quite a lot of HP.

A Masked Commando.

Once you have a pass, simply right-click it and then you'll be able to enter.

The outpost itself is rather small. First you'll be greeted by two more Masked Commandos. If you have a bureaucrat in your team, they might make for an interesting charmed pet. They don't deal much damage, but at least they have ample health.

Inside the Outpost.

After a short corridor you'll be in the main area. In its center stands Ground Chief Mikkelsen, who is your real target. Before engaging him, check out the rest of place.

Ground Chief Mikkelsen.

There are four Altars lining the walls of this area, each with a different colour light and a different effect. While Ground Chief Mikkelsen has a lot of health and deals quite a blow, he also cast some special debuffs on you and your team mates. The only way to get rid of them is to step on the appropriate Altar. Futhermore, when close to dying, Mikkelsen will cast a 3 minute long DoT. The only way to avoid it is by running over the Yellow, Blue, Green and Red altars to get the Thrice Blessed by the Ancients protection buff runing. The nano lasts for 15 minutes and because there are earthquakes when you fight Mikkelsen (basically a short root), I suggest you get this protection prior to engaging him.

Altar of The Ethernal Craftsman


Cures evade debuff.
Stop attacking when debuffed,
or you'll heal Mikkelsen.

Altar of The Ancient Form


Cures Crawler morph.
Enables you to fight again.

Altar of The Ethernal Cleric


Enables you to heal again.

Altar of The Ancient Machinist


Cures nano drain.

With such effects, kiting is the way to go with this encounter. Whether the team passes the aggro between members or there's a dedicated tank, players will have to run around to get rid of the debuffs Mikkelsen cripples them with.

Once you do manage to take him down, you'll be rewarded with two pieces of armor, two NCUs and two Master Programs (used for upgrading Alappaa shoulder pads). All in all, he has a chance of dropping the following items:

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Information originally provided by Trgeorge. Additional information provided by Blondengy.
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