Wasteland Recycling

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Level: 1-24
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This daily mission is given by the Junior and regular Agency Handler from the office in Athen. Only Clan and Neutral Rubi-Kans can receive this specific mission.

This mission requires you to travel to Wartorn Valley, just east of Old Athen.

Map of the mission waypoint in Warton Valley.

Once you get to the location, you need to look for the following mobs:

    Biofreak Cadaver
    Buckethead Tech-scavenger
    Buzzsaw Metal Grinder
    Eyemutant Ruffian
    Horrible Failed Experiment
    Reprogrammed Warbot
    Slack Tentacle Mutant

These mobs are ranged in level between 3 and 25. Other mobs in this area may also drop the loot you are looking for.

As stated in your mission description, you need to find the following materials from the corpses of these mobs:

ItemBest drop rate on
Biofreak Cadaver
Rejected Tac-V85 or Reprogrammed Warbot
Buckethead Tech-scavenger
Horribly Failed Experiment
Slack Tentacle Mutant
Eyemutant Ruffian

When you have one of each, return to the Agency receptionist and trade it your material. This will update and complete your mission.

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