System Intrusion

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Level: 75-99
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This daily mission is given by the Agency Handler from the office in Rome Blue as well as the office in Athen. It requires you to travel to the Cyborg Citadel just to the west of Camelot. When you are thre you will need to take down the mainframe computer system using an item given to you via an equipment pack from the Handler:

Getting to the Cyborg Citadel

Located west of Camelot, the easiest way to get to this location is either via the Grid in Camelot and then to fly west or perhaps via the fixer grid and then fly north.

Location Map.

The entrance into the Citadel is on the western side.

Accessing the Mainframe

To access the mainframe, you need to head inside the building at the Citadel. On your way into the building, you are likely to encounter mobs that range in level from 65 to 100ish. Bringing a Yalm, or even a Phasefront vehicle may help you avoid these mobs and allow you quicker access by flying through the front door.

Entrance to the building.

Once inside, you need to head straight through a door, and then down a hallway to another door. Heading through it you need to make your way around a number of rooms and corridors filled with Cyborgs that will attack on sight.

After taking care of them, head to the deepest room. You will know you are in the right place when you find a mob called "One-Eyed Cyborg Operator". Once he is dead, you can turn your attention to the mainframe.

    Note: Characters with high concealment can sneak all the way to the mainframe room without needing to kill any mobs, including the "One-Eyed Cyborg Operator".

Target the black panel on the wall shown in the image below.


Use the Sophisticated Virus Datadisc on the mainframe by picking it up and dropping it on the mainframe, and your mission will update.

    Note: If you are attempting to complete this mission using concealment, make sure that you are situated behind a pillar when you use the Sophisticated Virus Datadisc to make sure the Cyborg Operator doesn't seen you when you upload the virus.

You will need to wait 18 hours before you can return to the agency for your next assignment.

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