Scavenger: Perpetual Wasteland

Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan, Omni
Level: 200-220
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This daily mission is given by the Agency Handler in Rome Blue or agency in Old Athens for Clans.

You are being tasked to retrieve some expensive gadgetry that has gone missing in the perpetual wastelands and looks like the cyborgs don't want to give it back. Getting to the barracks can be quite a trip, but your quickest route is to head northeast from the Hope whompa (via Newland Desert). You can also take fixer grid exit 10-R.

Scattered in various locations around the barracks (you will not be going inside for this mission) you will find the three pieces that you need to complete the mission. As each piece spawns multiple times in multiple locations and with high rapidity, you shouldn't need to worry about anyone else that may have the same mission.

Here are some shots of what the items will look like upon the ground:

You simple need to double click them to pick them up. Once you have all three, return to the agency receptionist to hand them over and collect your mission reward.

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