One Green Hill

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Faction: All Factions
Level: 175-200
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This daily mission is given by the Junior and regular Agency Handler from the office in Rome Blue as well as the office in Athen. It requires you to travel to a green hill in The Longest Road. I have found this mission quite hard, whereas others have found it challenging but do-able. Make sure you are buffed before you trigger the spawning of the mobs.

Finding the right hill

To get to The Longest Road, either use one of the F grid exits near to Foremans or go via whompa. You are looking for hills without trees on them and that have a log on top like this and are quite shiny...

One Green Hill. Ready to spawn.

Spawning the Ottous

As soon as you step onto the hill you trigger the spawn of the Bulky Ottous and 4 Feracious Ottous. The Feracious Ottous spawn one after the other and will be around your level. You need to kill 3 Feracious Ottous before they kill you and before they hurt the Bulky Ottous and reduce him to his death.

The spawned mobs.

Saving the Bulky Ottous

Once you have killed 3 Ferocious Ottous, make sure that you look at the Ottous Bulk (and click it) to make sure it is safe. This should mean that your mission updates and finishes.

Ottous Bulk.

As soon as you do this your daily mission will update and you will get your final rewards of XP/SK and Tokens. You do not need to speak with the receptionist after completing this daily mission.

As a note, when you have spawned and killed the mobs for this daily. The hill will be on a "reset timer". During this time, the light we saw on the hill will not be there and it will look like this.

One Green Hill.

Last updated on 01.28.2012 by Silvana
Written by Ukblizzard
Researched by Uragon
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