One Foggy Hill

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This daily mission is given by the Junior and regular Agency Handler from the office in Rome Blue as well as the office in Athen. It requires you to travel to the Foggy Rock Shrine in the south of Pleasant Meadows.

Your task is to kill 3 Dark Enigmas before they can kill the Enigma Sprouts.

Foggy Rock Shrine

Location: Pleasant Meadows
When you are travelling to the location, be aware that there are level 153ish mobs in the vicinity.

Map Foggy Rock Shrine.

Foggy Rock Shrine.

When you arrive at the area, and step into the rock circle you are likely to trigger the mobs. 3 Dark Enigmas and 1 Enigma Sprout will spawn. You need to kill the Dark Enigmas and then target the Enigma Sprout for your mission to complete.


As soon as you have killed the 3 Dark Enigmas and also targetted the Enigma Sprout, your mission will update and you will receive your reward. You do not need to head back to the agency to claim your reward.

Hints and Strategy

Some people have significant trouble with this mission, while others have no problems at all. Some professions have an inherent advantage.

Although the primary goal of this mission is to save the Engima Sprout, that's not quite correct. The foremost objective is for you not to die. Run away from the mission area as needed to lose aggro of the Dark Enigma. Just be sure to run in the opposite direction from the level 175 Gunbeetles wandering around on the nearby hillside.

If you do not get enough kills before the mobs despawn or the Engima Sprout dies, you can wait around 20 minutes for a the mission area to reset (the glowing circle will appear on the ground) and you can trigger the enigma again.

Enforcers should avoid using Mongo, which will cause the Engima Sprout to attack you as well.

This mission is a perfect example of why crowd control professions exist. If your profession has calms or roots, then make sure you make use of your entire tool set.

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