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This daily mission is given by the Agency Handler from the office in Rome Blue or Old Athen. It requires you to travel to a mission building located either in Bliss in The Longest Road if you are Omni, or at the Terra Outpost in Andromeda if you are Clan.

Your objective is to find an NPC that wishes to switch sides and escort them to the exit.

The mission

Once you enter the building, the exit behind you becomes locked. This means you have to exit via a different path.

Layout of this mission for Omni (left) and Clan (right).

It is recommended that you kill all Personal Bodyguards that stand in the way between the turncoat and the exit before talking to the turncoat. The bodyguards will be approximately the same level as you. Feel free to kill all the bodyguards within this building, as they give very good XP.

Once the path is clear, talk to the turncoat. You will realise it is the turncoat as he or she will have a blue name and look different from other mobs. Some examples of what the turncoat might look like:

Hand the turncoat the Application Form that the agency handler gave you to sign and then escort them to the exit. You must follow the NPC to keep them alive. They will lead you to the exit. As soon as the NPC signs the form, Personal Bodyguards will spawn in various locations on the way to the exit. During your escort, be careful not to aggro the NPC with snares, blinds, nukes, frag grenades, etc.

In the last room with the exit door, STOP AND TALK TO THE TURNCOAT before exiting. This will update your mission and give you the experience.

If you accidentally exit the mission before talking to the turncoat or if the NPC dies, you can re-enter and do the mission again with a different NPC.

Also, if you are having trouble surviving or keeping the NPC alive in this mission, then be sure to take note of the profession of the NPC that you need to extract. The soldier and engineer NPCs are much hardier and tougher than the meta-physicist, doctor, and trader NPCs, so if you don't get the soldier or the engineer, simply exit the mission and reenter until you do. The soldier or engineer barely needs any help and can almost clear out all the bodyguards by themselves.

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