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So, you've visited your local Daily Mission building (either Omni or Clan) and you've been tasked with a mission to deliver the ticking time bomb of a DoT (Damage over Time), Experimental Software program that has been uploaded to your NCU.

Before you leave the Agency Handler will give you an Agency NCU Analyzer which will appear in your inventory. Once you have that, it's time to get moving.

    Note: If you delete the Agency NCU Analyzer from your inventory for any reason, the Prototype Formula running in your NCU will be canceled, and the mission will be a failure. The 18-hour timer will start for the next available Daily Mission from the Agency Handler.

For this mission, you want to obtain a Yalm or jet pack if you do not already have something to get you in the air, and make your arrival all that much quicker. This is not a hard mission but it takes up time in getting to your destination. As this is not only a timed mission, but the longer you have the Prototype Formula in your NCU you will be subjected to a health tick the closer you get to your destination, and as such you are in danger. Of course, you are.

If you've done the Daily Mission for Collecting Carbon you will be familiar with the NPC you are looking for because you've already had the job of tracking down some carbonrich rocks for a familiar face.

Xenobiologist Grimes

You can Whompah there from Bliss -> Broken Shores-North -> 4-Hole -> Central Artery Valley (Enigma Outpost Forest), or you can get Fgrid there from a friendly Fixer. Once there you can fly North West to find
Xenobiologist Grimes
Central Artery Valley - 394.9x3049.7
located at Central Artery Valley Radar Station.

    Note: The DoT will not start draining your health until you are closer to the zone Xenobiologist Grimes is in. However, it's been reported by others that the DoT took effect in 4-Hole, even before zoning to CAV. S0, you may want to consider getting a HoT (Heal of Time) buff from that friendly Fixer to help offset that DoT, as well as GSF (Grid Space Freedom) to speed your journey!

If you do not find her at the Radar Station, she may be taking a walk. She will follow the path from the Radar Station down toward the water's edge as outlined in red below.

If Xenobiologist Grimes doesn't want to speak with you as she's doing her walk, wait until she stops again inside the Radar Station area to Chat with her! Once you get her attention she is going to want to speak with in you greater detail than she has in the past on her Carbonrich mission.

Once you open a chat, she's going to ask you if she can help you. Once you start screaming, "Get it off, get it off!!, (no really... that's the answer), she will realize why you're there. At this point, she will want to ask a series of questions on how the "Experimental Software Prototype number 87" is currently affecting you, and "How would you say you feel right now?"

At this point you can tell her "I feel like I'm dying. Mostly because I AM.", which she rather ignores and asks you to go on answering her as she reads off potential symptoms.

When she finally realizes you have no patience at all, she will open a trade window with you and you can then hand her the Agency NCU Analyzer.

The DoT will disappear and you should receive XP for completing this mission as soon as she ends the chat.

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