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You've been given the job of tracking down some carbonrich rocks for a Xenobiologist. Doesn't that sound exciting? Everyone has run across the rocks at some point in their AO career, either out in the open or found in mission chests. They are extremely easy to find and this mission DOES NOT require a specific QL to be turned in.

Check HERE for information about the location of carbonrich rocks. I personally think that 4 Holes would be the easiest place to get them, as the rocks are only a brief jog away from the grid terminal outside of Argentum.

This mission is more easily completed if you pick up the rocks BEFORE heading to the mission NPC. This will save you a lot of time! Once you have the three rocks, you can head to Xenobiologist Grimes at the mission location and hand them over.

Last updated on 01.28.2012 by Silvana
Written by Silvana.
Information and screenshots provided by enlo.
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