Elite - Temple of the Three Winds

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Level: 25-60
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This daily mission is given out by the Senior Agency Handler and requires you to travel to the Temple of the Three Winds in order to kill some of the cultists and weaken the cult.

Specifically, you are supposed to kill these cultists in order:

  • 3 Acolytes
  • 3 Faithfuls
  • 3 Reverends
  • 3 Windcallers
  • 3 Exarchs

Unfortunately, you have to run around the temple quite a lot to find them. The respawn times of the other cultists is pretty fast so you might have to kill a lot of them before you get to your targets. In addition, you might have to fight against other people for kill rights because the Temple is quite popular.

Hints: Sometimes it is better to wait for a respawn of a cultist than to run to another location. This is especially true for the Exarchs.

Important: You can get this mission as low as level 25 so you will have some difficulties to kill the higher level cultists if you are solo. If you are in a team then watch out for messages in the chat window! If other members in your team are too high you won't get rewards.

The mission updates and you will receive a reward after you've killed each group of cultists.

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