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There are three different daily mission is given by the Senior Agency Handler from the office in Rome Blue as well as the office in Athen. All three missions require you to travel to Smugglers Den and to take out five of each type of mob to receive your rewards.

This daily mission has partial completion rewards. For each set of 5 mobs that your mission requests you to kill, you will receive a reward.

Smugglers Den

Location: 1740 x 880, Southern Fouls Hills.
To get to
Smugglers Den
Southern Fouls Hills - 1740x880
, you need to head to Southern Fouls Hills. If you have never been there before, then this guide might help you understand the dungeon a little better. Since patch 18.5.1, there is a shortcut from
Borealis - 720x700
, east of the grid terminal (near where the Jobe whom-pah used to be). Be aware because this warp will take you right inside the cave, so buff up before you enter.

The entrance to Smugglers Den.

Depending on what level you are, the mission should request the following:

Level 100-124

You must kill three of each mantis type to reduce their numbers.

Kill 3 Den Mantis Diggers
Kill 3 Den Mantis Drones
Kill 3 Den Mantis Runners
Kill 3 Den Mantis Burrowers
Kill 3 Den Mantis Scouts
Kill 3 Den Mantis Forager
Kill 3 Den Mantis Earthmelders
Kill 3 Den Mantis Workers
Kill 3 Den Mantis Bantlings

Along with all profession-specific items that you can obtain from all the mantis, the Den Mantis Bantlings have a chance of dropping Mantis Eggs. You can read more about what to do with the Mantis Eggs and what other items can be obtained from mantis in this guide.

Level 125-149

You must kill three of each type of smuggler.

Kill 3 Den Loot Controllers
Kill 3 Den Protectors Mk II
Kill 3 Den Loot Wardens
Kill 3 Den Adamant Hounds
Kill 3 Den Smuggler Rookies
Kill 3 Den Smuggler Pilots
Kill 3 Den Smuggler Technicians
Kill 3 Den Smuggler Thugs
Kill 3 Den Smuggler Brutes
Kill 3 Den Smuggler Veterans

After you kill the Den Loot Controllers you might as well open one of the crates and grab an Illegal Stim, which is an item that a different daily mission within this level range requires. Note that the robotic mobs will aggro on sight, but the Protector Mk II and the smugglers will not aggro if you do not attack them. If you are careful to choose where you fight the thugs, brutes, and veterans you can do it without causing all the mobs in the last area to attack you.

Level 150-199

You must kill five of each mantis type to reduce their numbers.

Kill 5 Den Mantis Ravagers
Kill 5 Den Nano-Mantis
Kill 5 Den Hive Guardians
Kill 5 Den Mantis Breeders
Kill the Mantis Queen

The mantis are in the level range between 175 and 200. You must kill the mantis in the order given, and you need to kill 5 before the mission will move to the next kill target. When you do kill 5 of the first target though, your misson will update and you will receive a partial reward as described above.

The kill order is quite simple from when you enter the dungeon. You should find their spawn locations to be "in order" like the listing. When you finish killing the last group of mantis the mission will update with a "bonus" for killing the Mantis Queen.

To find your way around in the dungeon, we highly recommend using the most recent version of Atlas of Rubi Ka or Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka (available in the downloads section). These maps have a labelled overview of the dungeon that will follow your characters position.

Map of Smugglers Den, taken from AoRK.

Once you have killed the final mob, your mission should update. You do not need to return to the agency to complete this daily mission.

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Written by Ukblizzard.
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