Criminal Hideout

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Level: 175-200
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This daily mission is given by the Agency Handler from the office in Rome Blue as well as the office in Athen. It requires you to travel to the eastern side of Deep Artery Valley where you will find Meduas and most importantly the criminals you need to kill for this mission.

Criminal Hideout

There are 6 different locations in Deep Artery Valley for you to complete this daily mission, if you wish you can travel between them all.

Deep Artery Valley, Criminal Hideouts.

When you get there, you should see a structure like this:

Structure of the Hideouts.

You need to get on top of the structure to find the criminals. You can do this by standing on the lit panels under the structure and it will warp you up, or you can fly up there.

The criminals spawn on the circular platforms. They vary in level from around 185 to 210.

A criminal on the platform.

The idea is to kill them as quickly as possible before they can escape, soon after you start hitting them they will start trying to cast an evacuation nano. You need to kill them before they complete casting it otherwise your attempt will have been wasted and you will need to move to the next spawned criminal. If you reach a criminal and it is already casting, it is probably best to move to the next spawned criminal. The mobs are able to summon you.

If you are having trouble killing the criminal before she warps away, try searching for and attacking only the lowest level criminals (the ones that are around level 180ish) at all the hideouts. It is also worth noting that all the criminals are fixer-type mobs and are susceptible to NT Grid Armor nukes, which do significantly more damage per second than most other NT nukes.

After each kill you should receive a mission update via system messages telling you how many more you need to send to reclaim.

When you have killed all 5 your mission will update and you will receive your reward. You do not need to go back to the agency to receive your reward.

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