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This daily mission is given by the Agency Handler from the office in Rome Blue as well as the office in Old Athen. It requires you to travel to a Starship Crashsite and clear it from the mobs that have inhabited the area.

The Crash Site

The Crash Site that we were tasked with clearing was in Milky Way. If you are omni or neutral, you could take the Whom-Pah from Omni-1 Entertainment to the 20K outpost, and travel northeast. For a clanner this route would be very dangerous, so instead I would recommend to travel to Harry's Outpost and take the ferry from there. The ferry will take you to the shore southwest of the 20K outpost. From there, travel northeast. See the map below for details.

Alternatively, you may ask a friendly fixer for f-grid. The closest exit is 6-L in Milky Way.

Starship Crash Site.

The Mission

You should gain a waypoint and coordinates uploaded to your map when you receive this mission. So make sure you are headed to the right place. The marker on your map should lead you to the first creatures that you are to rid the area of.

Each time you kill 5 of the highlighted mob in your mission tab, your mission will update and you will receive a mini reward for your troubles.

For this daily mission, you are looking for the following mobs in order.

Fearplanters - level 75 to 80.

Drill Surgeons - level 80 to 85.

Chaos Beetles - level 90 to 95.

Babyfaces - level 95 to 100.

Bileswarm Workers - level 105 to 110.

You will find that there are also "boss" type mobs of the same type in the area, these also count towards your successful kills.

On completing your final set of 5 kills, your mission will update and advise you that you can return to the agency in 18 hours for your next assignment.

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Written by Ukblizzard and Uragon.
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