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This daily mission requires you to travel to Mort. Reports claim that various body parts are being harvested and used to build new cyborgs. The possibility of the cyborgs assembling a cyborg army is terrifying and should be viewed as a severe threat.

Your assignment is to locate cyborgs in Mort, kill them, and bring back three human bodyparts to establish their origin.

Cyborg Camp in Mort
Mort - 869x2271

The cyborg camp is within a crater. There is an entrance to the south but you best come here in a Yalm so just fly and land on the crater walls to survey the area. (Also watch out for the tower field and other mobs in the area to not get aggro.)


The camp is full of cyborgs so make sure where you can climb down and go up. The mobs are between level 175 and 185 (give or take).

There is also an entrance to cyborg dungeon area in the crater so you don't need to wait for respawns if all cyborgs outside have been killed by someone else.


They drop

When you have one of each, return to the Agency receptionist and trade it your material. This will update and complete your mission.

Note: You don't have to go to this very camp. Any cyborg in Mort and other places with cyborgs of similar level and higher will drop the body parts. Depending on your level and profession you might find it easier to kill the cyborgs near Mort crater.

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