A Contingent Spy

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Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan, Neutral
Level: 1-150
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This daily mission is given by the regular Agency Handler from the office in Athen. Only Clan and Neutral Rubi-Kans can receive this mission. It requires you to travel to a secret Omni-Med research lab in The Longest Road. There is also an Omni version, however the combine process will be with the alternate sided items. The guide for this, will be coming soon - so in the meantime, please apply a similar method to completing the Omni version!!

The mission is split into two parts,

Part 1: Kill everyone inside and make sure you take their Access Cards. Hack the Access Cards with the Access Hacking Tool. When you have hacked 8 Access cards, connect the Access Hacking Tool to the Agency Communication Unit to upload the data to us.

Part 2: Find out what plans Omni-Med have. The Agency will contact you and provide you with spying equipment at the right time.

Part 1

The mission gives a description of where to head to. Always read the mission description to check you are headed to the right place.

When you get to your location, you need to kill scientists and guards. The mobs levels are dependent on your level. These drop:

Each access card you obtain needs to be processed with the Clan Access Hacking Tool until you have combined 8 items.

When your Hacking Tool contains 8 access cards you combine it with your Clan Agency Communication Unit.

Right-click on the tool in order to upload the information to the agency. A hologram appears:

Agency Employee Hologram suddenly appears.
Agency Employee Hologram: Thank you for transferring the 8 Omni-Med access passwords, you have done well.
Agency Employee Hologram: Your next task will be to spy on some Superior Omni-Med workers to get some useful information. Our orbital espionage team just informed me that the two leaders of this lab are on their way to work.
Agency Employee Hologram: I have transported a disguise to your inventory through The Grid, find a good place to hide, sit down and disguise yourself. Make sure you don't move as long as they are here.
Agency Employee Hologram: Hurry now, and good luck!
Agency Employee Hologram fades into nothingness.

This leads us to Part 2 of the Daily Mission.

Part 2.

Further to the hologram speaking with you, you should find an item in your inventory.

Right clicking this will transform you into a storage box and a nano called "Medical Supply Box" will run in your NCU for 30 min. or until you zone. Now all you have to do is find a good hiding place. When you go into the last room, you'll see a number of storage boxes. When you go near them you'll see a confirmation that this would be a good hiding place. Double check and make sure that the nano "A Good Hiding Place" is running in your NCU.

Your hiding place!

Sit down! Use your disguise tool, wait, and enjoy!!

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Level and side information provided by Liamboru & Ran-san
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