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These sleeves are pretty neat for nanomages, adding to Material Metamorphosis, Biological Metamorphosis, Psychological Modification, Material Creation, Space Time and Sensory Improvement by up to 30 points. The amount varies depending on the QL of the sleeve you create. The QL of the sleeves also has Title level requirements attached to them. So, please bare that in mind when you are making your sleeve!

The sleeves are pretty straight forward to obtain, you can either mission for them, find them on dyna bosses or pick them up as loot from random mobs.

The Powdered Viral Bots on the other hand only drop from Alien Generals and Admirals in city alien raids.

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The process requires 6x the QL of the sleeves in EE and NP.
The QL of end product depends on the sleeves that you use. The best you will create is QL 200.

Last updated on 01.03.2020 by Saavick
Information originally provided by Kian to the AI Library Forums.
Additional information provided by Rahmorak, Windguaerd, Ukblizzard, Loni and RichardDom.
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