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Community - ARK Contest: Design a tour!

Post by Saavick » Wed Mar 24, 2021 9:41 pm

As posted by ARK Fairwolf on the official forums:


For some spring is here, for others the leaves are falling. In both cases what more of a beautiful time to be outside then now!

Some of you may have started to experience ARK tours popping up around Rubi-ka and Shadowlands. Those fun moments when players get together and enjoy some story time and forget about the daily grind of life, but there is so much to explore.

We are excited to announce ARK tours first official contest where you become the tour guide!

For this contest we are looking for people out there who want to tell a good story, and show off their favorite playfield. All you have to do is create a tour path, and dialog for the tour area, put it into a word document, and send it to us, that’s it :)

there are a few area though that are off limits;
  • No Pande
  • No raid instances
  • No areas that players can’t get to on their own such as city instances or discontinued areas that you may have a character in.
So the fun part

This contest starts today, and runs through the last day of April. ARK tours will then look over the submissions and pick out their favorite tours. The person with the winning tour entry will have their tour developed into a tour script panel by ARK tours, we will assist you as you run the tour for players (including announcing the tours and advertising it) and we will integrate your tour into the ARK Tours rotation and give you credit each time it’s run. (yay eternal fame!)

to submit your entry send an email to with the subject line (Tours contest submission - playername)

I look forward to seeing what everybody comes up with!

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