435 - Arid Rift

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435 - Arid Rift

Post by Thalestris » Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:44 pm

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Post by Thalestris » Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:44 pm

Mission : A Way In
We also ran into Ole Jacob in the ruin, he asked us for help, but attacked us.. plesant chap! (It is apparently now possible to speak with him, as soon as we gain more information on this we will include it here in the guide)
You can talk to him, when you kill the 3 Aliens attacking him. just head right when you zone into instance. After a little smaltalk Ole runs out and you can continue clearing the instance.

Here's the Chat-logg:
Ole Jacob: Oh, thank you!

Rantopha: What are you doing here?

He looks at his shoes.
Ole Jacob: I'm a collector, specialized in Xan artefacts.
He continues with a mixture of sadness and joy in his voice.
Ole Jacob: I... I thought it was going to be safe in here... Thank heavens you came!

Rantopha: Have you found anything in here?

Ole Jacob: Well... I had just entered this room when I saw this ancient looking terminal. Have you ever been to adonis? Well nevermind, but it really reminds me of the Xan machinery from Shadowlands. Isn't it marvalous!
He shudders.
Ole Jacob: Then they attacked me, as from nowhere. They seem to protect this ruin!

Rantopha: I have to examine more of this ruin before I leave.

He sighs, not looking too pleased.
Ole Jacob: I guess I'll head out. Be careful, allright!

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Re: 435 - Arid Rift

Post by Mardonge » Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:31 pm

Mission : Insurance Policy
Location: 244 x 890 Arid Rift

Fortunately, the Unicorn Coordinator inside the Arid Rift area will also allow you to continue this mission, and not just the one outside in the Central Gateway. Also, fortunately for us.. we can *cough* bribe the Unicorn Coordinator with 500k to help us with the information we need. If you don't want to bribe him with credits, you can also threaten him that the media will be told.
I couldn't find any Unicorn Coordinator inside Arid Rift. At least not at the start area.
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Re: 435 - Arid Rift

Post by Cariadast » Tue Nov 29, 2022 9:21 pm

Reconstructed and updated to start at Unicorn Coordinator.
added images and instructions on how to reach Arid Rift
Added waypoints
Elimination mention of a Unicorn Coordinator being inside Arid Rift itself. There was not one to find.
added Ole Jacob info
revamped Way In
revamped a number old info to clarify instruction
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