249 - Maria's Fashion

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249 - Maria's Fashion

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Postby keune » Wed May 06, 2015 2:22 pm

Cheyenne Leather Pants of the Rising Phoenix
MP/MA, Body Dev.+2

Flapper Outfit of The Honored Maidens
Shade/Agent/Fix, Dodge rng +45

Blue Dress
Crit. +1 (lvl<=50)

Pink Riddle Cloak of the Underworld
MP/NT, BM +2

Silk Kimono of the Coven of Hunters
MA, Dimach +10

Bomber Jacket of R.U.R.
Sol/Engi, AAD +15
Bomber Jacket Sleeves of R.U.R.
Sol/Engi, AAD 2x5

Clerk Shirt of Omni-Tek Wolf Pack
Trader/Crat, PM +3

Office Worker's Discreet Shirt (+2x sleeves) of the Obsidian Order
Crat, TS +5

Silk Hipster Pants (+shoes) of Java Corp.
Omni, Riposte +4

Schreiner's Copper Colored Disco Shoes (wrong link)
https://aoitems.com/item/249708/schrein ... sco-shoes/

Buccaneer Boots of The Kindred
Trader/MA, Run speeed +20

Enter the Dragon Arm Tattoo
no bonuses

Back Tattoo of KAZE
Nanomage male, EvadeClsC +10
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