Daily Mission: Wasteland Recycling

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Daily Mission: Wasteland Recycling

Post by Afreng » Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:20 pm

I pulled this mission from the Clan Agency at level 18.

One of our clients is interested in recycling materials. Every city has them; waste dumped outside the city limits ripe for the taking.

Kill various mutant creatures, failed experiments and forgotten war machinery in Wartorn Valley to get the resources you are looking for, at the same time you are doing the world of Rubi-Ka a favor.

Once collected them all, give the following items to the Agency Receptionist.

Bio Matter
Rusty Spikes
Metal Scraps
Toxic Waste
Flexible Backbone
Augmented Muscle Mass
The mission is located in Wartorn Valley just east of Old Athens.
[img]http://homepage.mac.com/alfora/pics/AO/ ... ycling.png[/img]

Just kill the various mobs to the north and south of the ruins. Be sure to stay clear of Nuts & Bolts who roams this area too.

You'll find the recycled items on the following mobs (levels between 3 and 25):
Buzzsaw Metal Grinder
Buckethead Tech-scavenger
Reprogrammed Warbot
Horrible Failed Experiment
Biofreak Cadaver
Eyemutant Ruffian
and maybe others too

If you have all items head back to the Agency and give them to the Agency Receptionist.