Social/Roleplaying - Colonisation Day Celebrations!

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Social/Roleplaying - Colonisation Day Celebrations!

Post by Ukblizzard » Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:01 am

In true Rubi-Kan style, Colonisation Day could obviously not have been celebrated in any other way than how it has been.

With the community dressed in their most favoured halloween costume, lingerie and mingling with random wildlife packed onto the Glass Dance Floor in Reets!!
The Advisors of Rubi-Ka were founded towards the end of that first year following Colonisation Day. From that point forwards they have travelled Rubi-Ka to assist as many Rubi-Kans as they can. The Advisors maintain their presence and ideals upon Rubi-Ka, preserving life and aiding all that are blessed with it.... as well as throwing some really pretty fantastic parties and events!

Gridstream Productions is a non-profit organization based entirely on the planet of Rubi-Ka. GSP breath music into Rubi-Kans ears and are never far away from any party being held.

Once again for this years celebrations, Advisors of Rubi-Ka together with Gridstream Productions, have organised and thrown a party to be remembered with Reets heaving with Rubi-Kan partygoers. Clan, Omni and Neutrals all dancing together with high spirits, chatter and festivities.

Heading into Reets Retreat, new arrivals to the nightclub were met by a huge Mr. Squeaky, ready and waiting to take your coat.
As I wasn't wearing a coat, I headed straight through to the Glass Dance Floor. The amount of people I was then faced with was immense.. even more than I had seen in Borealis earlier in the day being flung up into the air by Means and the "I Win" button.

While we were there, I also managed to catch up with Nushen, DJ of Gridstream Productions and the one responsible for what we were all hearing while I was at Reets!
[img] ... nushen.jpg[/img]
Nushen, Gridstream Productions
[Nushen]: I've been around for five years in Anarchy Online, and involved with GridStream Productions for most of that, and this celebration so far is a tribute to the years before. ARK is here in full strength putting forth a great effort as always. I'd say year 9 is gonna be another great one, if this celebration is any indicator.
I also bumped into A.R.K. Community Relations Director, Yarkona. She did run away from me at first when I asked to take her picture, although I am sure it was not intentional!!
[img] ... arkona.jpg[/img]
Director Yarkona, ARK Community Relations.
[Yarkona]: I'd like to give a big thank you to all the fansites, such as Gridstream and AO Universe, and others. Fansites, and ultimately their members make AO fun and enjoyable for both new and old players alike. We are having a lot of fun partying with Gridstream today! Earlier we ran a short storyline trivia game with some multiple choice questions, they were answered rather quickly and those that did not know the answers learned something new.
In addition to the party, I also would like to add that everyone that was in attendance from the AO Universe team have welcomed how "famous" we have been told we are. Quite honestly, we are all just doing something we enjoy and are really looking forward to continue to provide resources to help all Rubi-Kans in their travels throughout Rubi-Ka, Shadowlands and the Outzones.
[img] ... 6/team.jpg[/img]
Scenegg, Uragon and Ukblizzard.

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