Posts on My Old Clan Guide

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Posts on My Old Clan Guide

Post by AngelTee » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:04 am

Wow, it's been nearly 3 years since I played this game. Found my old forum info, so been looking around, and saw that I had made a Clan guide back then. But I don't see it on this site.

Now, the problem is, that the images are pretty much gone (since Photobucket is not doing free hosting anymore and pictures are now locked out) so if you can fill in those blanks that would be great.

I will be adding the parts section by section. If this has been done before and I missed it in the article search, please let me know in a reply.

ADD: It basically can be used as editions to the information on the guide you have found here: ... %2F&pid=15
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The Clans - Zones and Missions

Post by AngelTee » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:05 am

Greetings fellow Clanner! So you have decided to proudly wear the badge of a true fighter of freedoms from the villainous Omni-scum. Let me welcome you with open arms!

Here are somethings about the Clan:

* All teleporters will be designated with a Brown background when going to Clan cities.
* This is the symbol of the Clan. (missing IMG)
* There is a lot of frigging dust storms.


If you feel you haven't had enough time to get acquainted with the game or mechanics in Arete Landing, when you are in Old Athen, check out the Backyard. Found at 302, 310 (see the beginning of this post to learn how to put coordinates for a waypoint into your minimap), enter the building that looks like an Apartment Building. Here you can relax, and even gather with friends for parties! But you'll find Guides, more Tutorial boxes, and more. Just explore!

(missing IMG)


There are a few zones and cities that are Clan owned and friendly:

Varmint Woods
Old Athen
Broken Shores
Wailing Wastes


NOTE: For any mission that doesn't give you a waypoint to go off of on your compass, I'll show you a trick. Open your Local Map (Ctrl+6) then left click on the blue i you see there at the top left of the window, and choose Show Buttons. Now you'll have some buttons on the bottom part of the map. You'll see two squares to the left of Add Waypoint. In the first square type 1935 and in the second square type 1500. Then press Add Waypoint. Tada! A waypoint on your compass! I'll be putting waypoint numbers next to NPCs once I make sure they are correct.

Before 18.7, those who went with Clan were automatically teleported to an area in Athen Shire. After 18.7, new Clanners are placed in ICC HQ after leaving Arete Landing. Here, I'm going to show you how to go about the 'old' way of Athens and the areas around there.

So how do we get to Athen Shire?

* In ICC HQ, you want to look for an area called Shuttles. On the bottom floor you will see teleporters in the center of the room.
* Look for the one named Tir and enter that.
* Once in Tir, go around the teleporters until you see the one labeled Old Athens. Enter that.
* Now in Old Athens, you want to run North then West until you zone out into West Athens.
* From there, run South a bit then West and you will come across a small town and this scene.

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Re: Posts on My Old Clan Guide

Post by AngelTee » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:13 am

(Missing IMG of Annie Kingsblade)
I) When you get closer to the lady there, Annie Kingsglade (West Athens, 390, 340), she will initiate a conversation.
Annie Kingsglade: Hello!
Nanashai: Hello!
Annie Kingsglade: Can you please bring something to Robert Ryan for me?
He is outside the basic supermarket where I'm supposed to meet him, but that is out of the question now. Still I would like him to have his bio-comminutor back, so can you please deliver it to him for me?
Nanashai: Yes, but where is the basic supermarket?
Annie Kingsglade: It's just inside the gates and to the right. Here, let me show you where that is on your map!
Nanashai: I don't have a map of this area!
Annie Kingsglade: Oh? I thought every clanner had maps at least for Athens...
What I can do, though, is to give you the bundle of chosen clan maps that the Clan recruiters give out. However, I would need to clean your map file before I can install these maps. This means that any map upgrade you have done so far will be deleted in the process.

If you don't have the clan startup maps, or if you have used the neutral startup maps, this option will clean your map record and give you the Clan startup maps, consisting of maps to Aegan, Athen Shire, Athen West, Tir, Tir County, Old Athen, Greater Tir County and Wailing Wastes.To check what maps you have, target yourself and press 'T'. At the bottom you will find information about your maps and map reader upgrades.

Nanashai: Yes, I would like for you to clean my map file and install the clan maps. (Initially, when you started on the 'old' newbie isle, you were given maps by the Clan Recruiter before leaving in the Womp-Pah to Athen Shire. But it doesn't look like you are given those when you leave Arete Landing.)
Annie Kingsglade: Are you absolutely sure you want me to do this? As I said, it will delete any map or map upgrade you have installed.

To check what maps you have, target yourself and press 'T'. At the bottom you will find information about your maps and map reader upgrades.

Nanashai: Yes, I'm absolutely sure I want you to delete my maps and install the clan startup maps. (ONLY DO THIS if you check your self and see nothing under Maps)
Annie Kingsglade: Oki, here we go!
Ok, all your maps are now cleared. Oki, now take the map file that is in your inventory and right click on it to upload the maps.
Nanashai: Thank you! (You should have been given an item called Startup Maps - Clans. Right click on that item to upload the maps to yourself)
Annie Kingsglade: No problem. Now, open your local map, and you can see your location marked as a yellow dot, and the mission location is marked white a white star.

To upload the mission location to your map, open the mission window by pressing CTRL+4, then click the mission icon with the right mouse button. A drop down menu will then appear offering you the option to 'upload to map'. Open the local map, pressing CTRL+6. On this map your location will be marked as a small yellow dot. The mission location will be marked as a white star. Click and drag the mouse in the map to see other areas covered by the map. Also, when you are in the correct zone, as you are now, you will see that your compass has a yellow mark in the direction your mission is.
So, we have a Basic Bio-comminutor to give to Robert Ryan and 10 hours to do it in (remember, some missions are timed). Also, the timer will continue to tick down even if you are logged off, so make sure you can do the mission when you get it.


2) Before we head off, we can also pick up a mission from Graham Simmonds (West Athens 395, 345) next to Annie.

(Missing IMG of Graham Simmonds)
Graham Simmonds: You wouldn't have some spare change for me, would you?
Nanashai: Sure!
The man reaches out a hand obviously waiting for the money (just give 1 credit)
Graham Simmonds: Thank you! That was very kind of you. Ok, here's a joke for you! How do you know when there's a bronto under your bed? Your nose is pressed against the ceiling! Funny isn't it?
Nanashai: Oh yes. What are you doing here anyway?
Graham Simmonds: Well, I'm not so sure what I'm doing here actually. I think I had a plan when I left home, but something must have made me change my mind. Or maybe I already have done what I planned, and now I'm on my way home. That sounds likely.
It's getting cold out here, isn't it? A coat would be nice to have on the way home. In fact, I've always wanted one of those Vagabond cloaks. Do you think you could get me one of those?
Nanashai: No problem.
Graham Simmonds: Very nice of you. I'll be waiting here for your return then.
Nanashai: Where would I get hold of that cloak?
Graham Simmonds: I believe the Subway is a good place to look, usually some drifters hanging around down there.
The Subway is in ICC, as they closed the entrance in Athens. So we need to head into Old Athen East and take the teleporter to Tir, then ICC. Once in ICC, head due east and take the entrance to the Subway there.

You have 10 hours to find a Vagabond Cloak. It's not that far into the Subway. Go along the hall until you come to a large room. Go south under the condemned tape (cause that's safe) and continue on until you see Violent Vagabonds. Kill those mobs until the Vagabond Cloak drops.

Once you have it, return to Graham in Athen Shrine.
Graham Simmonds: You wouldn't have some spare change for me, would you? Oh, it's you again! Did you find me a cloak?
Nanashai: I found you a Vagabond Cloak!
Graham Simmonds: Great! Let me try it on! (hand over the cloak)
Graham Simmonds: This cloak is so cool. I know it smells funny, and it doesn't look very fancy, but if you try it on, well, it sure makes me feel a lot safer wearing it! You should try to get hold of one yourself!
Anyway, since you were kind enough to give me the cloak, you can have this lock pick. It is very useful, specially in missions if you come across a locked door or a chest you can't open. With some break and entry skills, you should have no problem opening them!
Nanashai: Thank you!
He gives you a Lock Pick and the option to hear more jokes. Don't .. they're really bad heh.


3) From Annie, just head into the city and keep northeast until you get to the General Store. There you will find Robert Ryan (West Athens 450, 390).

(Missing IMG of Robert Ryan)
Robert Ryan: Waddya' want?
Nanashai: I have something for you, from Ms. Kingsglade.
Robert Ryan: So she couldn't get herself to deliver it to me in person, huh? Well, she has borrowed it for quite some time now, I can see how shame would keep someone like her from showing up.
You can be sure this is the last time I ever let her borrow my stuff. (Hand over the item)
Robert Ryan: Yeah, that's my bio-comminutor, alright.
You know the sad part is that I gave up waiting for her to return it, and bought myself a new, upgraded version in the shop here. You can keep this one, or throw it away for all that I care, as long as you don't give it back to her.
Nanashai: So, what can one do around here?
Robert Ryan: I dunno, some people hang out in the subway, but nothing for me to do down there, might be you find it interesting though.
If you are looking for a job though, I need to deliver a chip to Calista over in Old Athen. Would you like to help out?
Nanashai: Sure, I'll help you!
Robert Ryan: Ok, here is the chip. Calista will be waiting near the Whom-Pah in Old Athen.
See you around!
Nanashai: Wait, how do I get to Old Athen?
Robert Ryan: Here, let me show you where that is on your map!

To open your local map, press CTRL+6.

Robert Ryan: Do you see that road heading east from here? Follow that till you get down to the river. There's a bridge that you can use to get over to Old Athen. Then go to the Whom-Pah and deliver this to Ms Zazzera.
Nanashai: How do I get to the Whom-Pah from there?
Robert Ryan: Cross the next bridge. On the bridge is an insurance terminal that you can use if you don't want to run that far in case you die. Head southeast and you'll see the Whom-Pahs. As far as I remember, there's another insurance terminal right next to the Whom-Pahs as well, in case you forget about saving when you're at the bridge.
Do you know how to upload the information to your map system?
Nanashai: Yes I do!
Robert Ryan: Well, then it only remains for me to say that I hope you will hurry to Old Athen with the report, and you'll get some money for the trouble!
He gives the Basic Bio-comminutor back to us to keep, and gives us a Data Chip to pass on to Ms. Zazzera (8 hours to do so).

The bio-comminutor is used to make Blood Plasma or getting implants out of Body Parts you find.

If you don't want to keep the bio-comminutor, you can return to Annie Kingsglade and return it to her.
Annie Kingsglade: Hello!
Nanashai: Robert Ryan didn't want the bio-comminutor back.
Annie Kingsglade: Oh, that's not good...
Not good at all.
So, what happened to the bio-comminutor, did he throw it away?
Nanashai: No, he gave it to me.
Annie Kingsglade: Really? That's interesting.
So, what will you do with it?
Nanashai: I wanted to give it back to you. Whatever issues you guys have, keep me out of it!
Annie Kingsglade: Ok, let me have the comminutor then. (hand over the item)
Annie Kingsglade: Thank you for trying at least!

4) If you head west from where Annie and Graham are, you'll come across another NPC by the name of Tirbo Ratcatcher (West Athens 327, 360).

(Missing IMG of Tirbo Ratcatcher)
Tirbo Ratcatcher: Hi there! The Athen city council has charged me with making this area more hygienic for it's citizens. They want me to reduce the rollerrat population.
This has become too big of a task for me to do myself, so I wonder if you would be interested in helping me?
Velanana: Sure, I can help you.
Tirbo Ratcatcher: Great!
After you have killed a rollerrat, remove its spine and tail intact. When you manage to get one, bring it to me and I will reward you for your help.
So, rollerrat tails (120 hours/2 days). The mobs are found close by and also a ways out, so you'll be doing a bit of adventuring. Just be mindful of the aggro OT mobs (blue dots on your minimap) as they will attack you if they see you. When you get one, return to Tirbo.
Velanana: I have a rat tail for you.
Tirbo Ratcatcher: Cool. Hand it over then! (hand over the rat tail)
Tirbo Ratcatcher: Thanks pal! Hope this piece of armor will serve you well. Let me know if you want to get more tails for me and I'll give you another piece of armor.
He'll give you a random piece of armor for your level. And you can hand in more tails to get more armor pieces. But Tirbo has another mission for you too.

4a) Tirbo also has a report he needs you to deliver.
Tirbo Ratcatcher: Hi there! The Athen city council has charged me with making this area more hygienic for it's citizens. They want me to reduce the rollerrat population.
This has become too big of a task for me to do myself, so I wonder if you would be interested in helping me?
Velanana: Apart from killing rollerrats, is there anything I can do for you?
Tirbo Ratcatcher: Is there anything else to do in life but killing rollerrats?
Oh, I have a report on the current rollerrat population in West Athens that I need to deliver to the Athen City Council Representative in Old Athen.
Maybe you could deliver the report for me?
Velanana: Of course I can!
Tirbo Ratcatcher: Superb! Her name is Calista Zazzera, she is in Old Athen, near the Whom-Pah to Tir. Here, let me show you where that is on your map!

To open your local map, press CTRL+6.

Tirbo Ratcatcher: Do you see that road heading east from here? Follow that to you get down to the river. There's a bridge that you can use to get over to Old Athen. Then go to the Whom-Pah and deliver this to Ms Zazzera.
Tirbo gives you a Rollerrat Report. It's best to wait until you also have the report to send to Ms. Zazzera from Robert Ryan, then you can head into Old Athen to deliver both to her (9 hours).
Calista Zazzera: Yes?
Velanana: I have a report for you from Tirbo Ratcatcher in West Athen.
Calista Zazzera: That must be the report on the rollerrat population in West Athen.
Let me have a look! (hand over the report)
Calista Zazzera: That's the report I was waiting for. Thank you very much for bringing it over!

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Re: Posts on My Old Clan Guide

Post by AngelTee » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:17 am

6) When you arrive, look to the west and you'll see the man we need, Iratius Kaiser (Tir 615, 345).

(Missing IMG of Iratius Kaiser)
Iratius Kaiser: Greetings friend! How are you today? Are you here for an identification chip?
Nanashai: I have some papers for you from the Athen City Council.
Iratius Kaiser: Ah, could it be the feedback on the possible pollution problems caused by the alien corpses? (Hand over the Study)
Iratius Kaiser: Thank you! Now, I do hope that Calista paid you for running her errands!
Nanashai: I'm actually here looking for a job.
Iratius Kaiser: Ah, I have just the task for you!
I need to deliver these papers to Genghis Pan over at the Mongol Meat store here in the City, but I just can't find the time to go there myself today.
Nanashai: No problem, I'll go!
Iratius Kaiser: Thank you!
He will reward us with a Belt Component Platform Ti-200X and give us a Food Preperation License.


7) Now off to find Genghis Pan (Tir 420, 450) in the next 9 hours.

From where we are, you want to head pretty far west until you get into Tir City, then start bearing northward. Your target is in this ... strange thing.

(Missing IMG)
Mr. Pan is obviously a very busy man. He is shuffling crates, checking papers and doing his best to keep balance on the greasy floor, all at the same time. When he notices your presence he seems to be quite happy getting a chance to look up from his labor. He wipes sweat off his forehead with his universal-utility rag...
Genghis Pan: Greetings traveller!
May I have the pleasure of offering you something to eat, or are you looking for some work?
Nanashai: I have some papers for you from Iratius Kaiser.
Genghis Pan: Papers? Is it the license? (hand over the License)
Genghis Pan: Ah, thank you very much. Say hello to Mr. Kaiser when you see him, yes?
Nanashai: Yeah, I could use some work.
Genghis Pan: Thank heavens for that. This place has become a very busy one with all this new competition moving into town and all, I really could use some strong hands.
Take these supplies and bring them to Sam Chin, she runs a small village south east of Tir.
Be careful, the road is poorly guarded and full of dangers and you will need to hurry as well, these are frozen goods and it is exceptionally hot today.
You can expect payment upon delivery.
And with that Genghis Pan returns to his toil in the heat, every now and then shooting an icy look over to Berta who is busy getting her burgerstand up and running close by.
Nanashai: Ehem... How can I find this Sam Chin?
Genghis Pan: Go out the south gate. No, actually run out the south gate! Then head south east, there's a road going there, till you get to some houses. That's it. Now, hurry before my food get's wasted!

8.) You only have 7 minutes to do this quest. He'll hand you a Supply Crate. You need to move quickly, so head over the small bridge and go directly south and out the South Gate. Then you need to head east and slightly south and you will find your target, Sam Chin (Tir County 2720, 620), in a small 'camp'.

(Missing IMG of Sam Chin)
Sam Chin: Yes? What can I do for you?
Nanashai: I have the supplies from Genghis
Sam Chin: Great! Just what we have been waiting for. Please hand it to me. (hand over the supplies)
Sam Chin: Oh, thank you! I hope you can use this crystal, its the only thing I have handy at the moment.
Excuse me for a minute, I need to put this in the freezer.
Nanashai: Can I help you with anything?
Sam Chin: Of course you can! I have some snacks that needs to be delivered to Inventor Bobic. Maybe you can help out with that?
Nanashai: That I can!
Sam Chin: Here, take these to Inventor Bobic please.
She will give you a Nano as a reward (Computer Literacy Proficiency) and ask you to deliver a box of Frozen Leet Yummies to Inventor Bobic (10 hours).


9) Don't you love just running around all over? Eh .. ah well.

Ok, this one is a bit of a run, so if you have a vehicle or speed buff, use it. You'll want to head west and a bit north, going around Tir (don't enter it) then head a bit more west until you come across another small 'camp'. Here you will find the inventor, Bobic (Tir County 1910, 1400).

(Missing IMG of Bobic)
Inventor Bobic: More interruptions.
Nanashai: I have a delivery from Sam Chin for you.
Inventor Bobic: Yes. A delivery. Something for my stomach isn't it? Small tasty pieces of leet if I'm not mistaken?
Yes, yes! Give them to me! (hand over the item)
Inventor Bobic: Now this is what I call a treat!
Better get back to work then. Much to do, little time to do it. Got to have control, need to get parts, need to deliver the analysis. Need to remember to eat too, but when will I have time to eat?
Nanashai: Do you want me to help you with the delivery?
Inventor Bobic: Ah, yes, must remember to deliver the analysis. High Commander Brock is not a man to be kept waiting. You wanted to deliver it you said? That would be a relief if you could do that I guess. Yes. Deliver the analysis, or get me some parts, or even better. Help me with both! Yes.
Nanashai: I'll do the delivery then!
Inventor Bobic: Delivery is good. Now, I need this analysis delivered to the High Commander Brock. He's in the village southeast of Tir. Here, let me give you the details!
Now hurry!
He gives you a Capsule of Thin Blood (ew) and the Substance Analysis RNDY5554651 to deliver in 10 hours.


9a) One of Inventor Bobic missions.
Inventor Bobic: What?
Nanashai: Who are you?
This guy is obviously not all together in this dimension, he gives the phrase to be "absent minded" a totally new meaning
Inventor Bobic: Hello?
Did someone just arrive?
If it was this person I sent to get the parts I was waiting for, tell him that he is not a second too early.
And remember to write up what I was planning last night, I need legs, LEGS!
It is important to keep order and everything under control, otherwise I would get confused.
Mad? Might be, but then again, great minds often are... a bit mad.At least until you get to know them.
Nanashai: You want what?
Inventor Bobic: Parts, legs. Legs'n parts, all the same ain't it? Point is that I needs parts and legs and as the legs I need are really parts and partially the legs are all the parts I need. I would be pretty happy if you would part right now, stretch your legs and get me some parts...
Legs I mean, sorry.
So, would you get those parts for me?
Nanashai: Yes.
Inventor Bobic: Yes?
Oh, yes, sure, you are perfectly right. I will try that out next time.
Complete nutcase, but a nutcase with a mission it seems. And who knows, helping him out might even pay off one way or the other.
You have 120 hours (2 days) to get the items he wants (it looks like you can collect them all, then talk to Inventor Bobic and hand in one at a time as he asks). You need to head into Striking Ant Forest (south of where the inventor is).

* Flexible Alloy Legs drop off Mutilated Shade-Y42
Inventor Bobic: More interruptions.
Nanashai: I have the Flexible alloy legs you asked for.
Inventor Bobic: Yes, I was just waiting for some guy to give me legs, or was it parts? (hand over the item)
Inventor Bobic: Oh! Thank you, finally!
But, but these are LEGS?!
What am I supposed to do with some cheap legs if I am missing the brain?!
I need a BRAIN!
A functional, working, "with all the lights on in the top floor" kind of brain, not some organic old fashioned junk!
Now get me a brain and we are back on track. And mind you, NO MORE LEGS!
* The Brain Module X349 drops off of Mutilated Claw-C22
Inventor Bobic: More interruptions.
Nanashai: I have the Brain Module you asked for.
Inventor Bobic: Yes, I was just waiting for some guy to give me legs, or was it parts? (hand over the item)
Inventor Bobic looks at you and is obviously not satisfied. He somehow manages to express quite well the disgust of a perfectionist.
Inventor Bobic: Was this the best you could do?
What on Rubi-Ka am I supposed to do only with some Flexible Alloy Legs and a Brain Module X349
Any ideas??!
Of course not...
Leave the thinking to the expert from now on, it will most certainly result in less stress on the progress of mankind and the fabric of the Universe itself.
By now, most people would have had enough of this lunatic's ravings...
Inventor Bobic: Are you still here?? Lost in your insignificant thoughts no doubt. Now let me have that Visual T.R.A.C. Scanner we talked about before you forget about it.
Come on, we don't have all day here!
Let me guess: You don't have it.
Well run along then and find it!
Good Bye!
Yes, he is rather exhausting this fellow...

* Ugh. Now we need a Visual T.R.A.C Scanner what drops off Mutilated Eye-Q93 (possibly the more difficult one to get).
Inventor Bobic: More interruptions.
Nanashai: I have the Visual Scanner you asked for.
Inventor Bobic: Yes, I was just waiting for some guy to give me legs, or was it parts? (hand over the item)
Inventor Bobic: What do we have here?
This looks like a TRAC scanner, excellent, there is your reward young one. Hope it will be of some use to you.
Now I just need to find some poor sod to run and get me some Alloy Legs and a Brain Module...
If you see someone loafing around, send him to me. In the meanwhile I need to attend to my latest invention.
Now leave me to my work will you?
Your reward is a Notum Hood of Bobic, but sadly, not the option to strangle him to death.


9b) You got a run ahead of you (because why not *sigh*) to find High Commander Brock (Tir County 2862, 744). Head east and south, skirting around Tir again until you come upon a small military camp surrounded by walls.

(Missing IMG of High Commander Brock)
High Commander Brock: And a fine day to you. Move on please.
Brock is one of the legends of the resistance and now serves as head of security in Tir. This man is probably preoccupied with more important matters than you are even aware exist.You can't help noticing a grand ring upon the commander's finger...
Nanashai: Excuse me, but Inventor Bobic asked me to bring you this analysis.
High Commander Brock: Ah, the analysis of the new substance?
Well, what are you waiting for? Hand it over!! (hand over the item)
High Commander Brock: About time! Now, please be useful or get out of the way!
Sheesh what a jerk!


10) Talking with High Commander Brock will give you three missions.
Nanashai: Is there anything I can assist you with?
High Commander Brock: Always something happening, always enough to do!
I have a requisition order for the party mixer in Newland, perhaps you could deliver it for me? Or perhaps you can track down that lazy leetbrain Nodda Greg for me?
Nanashai: I'll help you find Nodda Greg!
High Commander Brock: Ok, Nodda Greg is supposed to be on duty. Please locate him, and use this Personnel locator when you have him targeted, then return to me with the information on his whereabouts.
Nanashai: I'll deliver the requisition order!
High Commander Brock: Here, please take this and give it to the Party mixer in Newland City. He'll know what to do with it!
He will give you a Personnel Locator (for Nodda Greg 11 hours) and a Requisition Order (for Newland City 10 hours).

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Re: Posts on My Old Clan Guide

Post by AngelTee » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:22 am

10a) Now for one of Brock's missions ... in Newland City. Newland City is quite a distance away, so let's use those transporters we have available.

First, you'll want to head back to Tir and go into the southeast part of the city and take the ICC HQ teleporter, then the Newland City teleporter (it's color is green since green = neutral).

Head east and a bit north, and the NPC we want is behind the counter there and the Good Time Party Mixer (Newland City (465,340).

(Missing IMG of Good Time Party Mixer)
Good Time Party Mixer: Hi there! I gather from the fact that you talk to me, and not just ask for refreshments, that you are interested in something special.
Nanashai: This request is from the High Commander Brock.
Good Time Party Mixer: Ah, the High Commander needs some supplies, does he?
Well, let me have a look! (hand over the item)
Good Time Party Mixer: Ok, I'll better look into this order then. Oh, maybe you could bring this thermos to Annie Kingsglade? She forgot it here this morning!
Nanashai: No problem, I'll take it to her.
Good Time Party Mixer: Thank you.
You will receive a Thermos to deliver to Annie Kingsblade (7 hours).

The Good Time Party Mixer will also start a mission where you can get the Living Cyber Armor. You can find three parts as drops in the Subway while the rest must be done through missions.


10b) Another of Brock's missions have you killing OT mobs for items.
Nanashai: What a nice ring you have there, High Commander.
High Commander Brock turns to you for a moment and you feel his piercing look measuring you, weighing your abilities and counting your marks of battle.
High Commander Brock: This ring denominates the defenders of Tir. You do show all the qualities needed to become worthy of the ring of Tir. Have you got one of these rings already?
Nanashai: No, I don't have a Ring of Tir.
High Commander Brock: In that case you will have to go and gather some OT Grunt dog-tags, you usually find them on amateurs and fresh ones.
Fill this bag and bring it back to me, I will reward you with your First ring of Tir!
He gives you a Dog-tag Bag and 840 hours (35 days) to fill it with OT Grunt dog-tags. The dog-tags can drop off any OT mob, so look for blue dots on your local map. When you find a Dog-tag, you need to open your tradeskill window and combine the Tag with the Bag. Your next course of action is to just kill them as you work on other missions.

I found a nice camp of OT mobs in Greater Tir County at 2334, 1653. 10 Dog-tags in the bag will give you a Dog-tag Bag full of Grunt Dog-tags.
High Commander Brock: And a fine day to you. Move on please.
Brock is one of the legends of the resistance and now serves as head of security in Tir. This man is probably preoccupied with more important matters than you are even aware exist.You can't help noticing a grand ring upon the commander's finger...
Nanashai: I have the bag filled up with Grunt dog-tags now, as requested.
High Commander Brock: Really? Let me have a look. (hand over the filled bag)
High Commander Brock: Well done stranger and may this ring strengthen and aid you in the struggle for a free Rubi-Ka.
If you stay your course and keep being as dedicated to our cause as you have been up to now, I will have another ring for you later.
You will receive a Watcher of Tir ring. Now, there are multiple rings, and each step has to be done in order. Here is a link to the missions if you care to do more.


10c) The last has you find Nodda Gregg (Tir County (1935,1500)). We have .. oh joy .. another run ahead of us. Now the mission doesn't tell us where he is, so we'll need to put in his waypoint.

So, we need to head west and a bit north, skirting Tir once again until you come to a camp.
(Missing IMG of Nodda Gregg)

Pick up the Personnel Locator and click on Nodda Gregg to update the mission. This will give you the Personnel Locator back. Let's return to Brock.
Nanashai: I have located Nodda Greg, Sir.
High Commander Brock: Good news for once. Give me the locator! (hand over the item)
High Commander Brock: Thank you very much. I hope he didn't give you any trouble!
He will give you a piece of armor (random?)


11) Nodda Gregg has a mission for us to do.
Nodda Gregg: Hi.
Nanashai: Who are you?
Nodda Gregg: My name is Nodda Gregg.
Nanashai: I heard you like Bronto Burgers?
Nodda Gregg: Say, do you know if the Bronto stand in Tir has opened yet?
Bronto chow is my favorite food, but I never find the time to go there.
Nanashai: I think so.
Nodda Gregg: They HAVE??!!
Umm...errr.... I mean they really do have opened it?
Nodda Gregg smiles as broad as a toothless Tac-V85 gorging on a hapless freshman
Nodda Gregg: In that case I should try to get hold of some of their exquisite cusine...
But I cant leave my post here. How about it, Nanashai, would you be willing to get me some Bronto Stew? I would make it worth while for you.
Nanashai: Ok sure.
Nodda Gregg: Awsome!
And please hurry, I am famished!
11a) Okay! So we need to head back to Tir and find Berta the Bronto Flipper (450,370). She's actually right near Mongol Meat.

(Missing IMG of Berta)
Berta the Bronto-burger-flipper: Hi
Nanashai: Who are you?
Berta the Bronto-burger-flipper: My name? Well, i usually like my name to represent how people like my food, but as I cant cook anything here, this will have to do for now.Even though it is almost as tasteless as the tacky tag the Mongol guy is using!Genghis Pan?! Have you seen anything as stupid? Not that he has ever been very imaginative in that way.I knew him back on Earth, before we moved here, he was working in some cafeteria chain and called himself the "The Underground Guru" and before that "The Metro Mogul" and "The Tube Tycoon"...Silly man...Silly....
Nanashai: I am looking for some Bronto Stew
Berta the Bronto-burger-flipper: Stew? Well, I guess I could make you some of that if you brought me some Bronto meat.
Nanashai: Lets talk about something else.
Berta the Bronto-burger-flipper: I am kind of busy, so be quick about it
Nanashai: Supplies
Berta the Bronto-burger-flipper: You have something for me to cook from ?
Bring me Bronto Meat or Bronto Prime Rib and I will whoop up something for you free of charge, but don't ask me for anything else, I am missing everything needed to run a decent grease-joint.
She has no meat nor a seat. Hah! I rhymed. Aaaanyway, we need to go get her some meat to make what Gregg wants (we have 120 hours or 2 days). We need to get Bronto Prime Ribs from Minibrontos (SW region of Tir County) and Bronto Meat from Young Brontos (middle forested part of Greater Tir County).

When you return to her, there is no dialogue option to make the items, so you need to give them to her one at a time. She will then make the item and put it in your Inventory.

Let's head back to Gregg.
Nodda Gregg: Hi.
Nanashai: Here is your Bronto Stew.
You can hear Nodda's stomach rumble loudly. (Hand over the Stew)
Without a word Nodda throws you a pair of metallic gloves, grabs the plate both hands and scoops the gargantuan portion of stew down his throat, that for a moment resembles more an industrial size chimney than the usual organic connection between head and shoulders.
Nodda Gregg BUURRRP!'s loudly
Nodda Gregg: Oops..sorry.
Umm, that was real good, now I only need a juicy Rib Burger to fill the holes. Is there any chance that you...
I mean, I am still kinda stuck here and this only flamed the hunger so to speak.
Could you go get a Rib Burger for me?
Nanashai: Yes, will do.
Nodda Gregg: Awsome!
And please hurry, I am still as hungry as a Humongous Baraton on a fat-farm.
Since we already have the Rib Burger, let's hand that in too.
Nodda Gregg: Hi.
Nanashai: Here is the Rib Burger you asked for.
You can hear Nodda's stomach rumble loudly. (hand over the Rib Burger)
This time Nodda is not in as much hurry devouring the food you brought him, he takes the Burger, smells it, nibbles on a rib that is sticking out and closes his eyes and moans
Nodda Gregg: Perfect!
Just perfect!!
Thanks Nanashai, thanks a lot and I hope you can find use for this here armor, it served me well.
You'll get pair of Loose-Fitting Hydraulic Gloves (from the Stew) and Solid Steel Hydraulic Legwear (from the Rib Burger) by doing both of these quests.


12) It seems our missions have taken us full circle as we must return to Annie Kingsglade in West Athens (390, 340). So, we want to return to Tir and take the teleporter to Old Athen, then out to West Athens.
Annie Kingsglade: Hello!
Nanashai: I have your thermos from the Party mixer!
Annie Kingsglade: Really, that's great news! (hand over the item)
Annie Kingsglade: Thank you so much, I must have forgotten it there this morning as I visited him. Please have this Leet doll as a token of my appreciation. It's my favorite hot chocolate after all!
Nanashai: Thank you!
Annie Kingsglade: Don't mention it!
She gives you A Leet Doll. You can wear it, or you right click on it (I'll let you see what it does. :lol: )

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The Clan - Clan Agency

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As you are walking around ICC, Tir, or Old Athen, you might have come across a sign that looks like this.

(Missing IMG)

If you right click on the sign, you'll get a mission to visit the Clan Agency in Old Athen. So off we go!

You'll find the Agency in Old Athen East (512, 439). When you head inside, walk up to the person on the other side of the desk. To finish the Mission you have, you just need to target the Agency Receptionist.

(Missing IMG of Agency Receptionist)
As you approach the counter the man behind turns to you, smiling slightly.
Agency Receptionist: Oh, hey there - Welcome to the Old Athens branch of the Freelancers Inc. Mission Agency. What can I do for you?
Nanashai: I'd like to apply for a job.
The man nods before tapping against a nearby keyboard, continuing to speak as he stares toward the monitor in front of him.
Agency Receptionist: Ok, cool - Gimmie just a sec here to pull up your employment records... hold still for the DNA scanner, if you would.
You feel a slight tingle pulse through your body momentarily as he continues to type.
Agency Receptionist: Lesse here... Nanashai, is it? Awesome, looks like everything in your record checks out - Have you read over our policy agreement yet?
Nanashai: Not yet, no.
Agency Receptionist: Ok, this part is a little dry, but it's required from the Freelancers Inc. crew so just bear with me. Before we begin, you should know that this part of the application process is recorded for official purposes - Tracking and legal crap, you know how it goes. Anyway, you ready?
Nanashai: Sure.
He clears his throat as he straightens, taking a deep breath before proceeding.
Agency Receptionist: Alright. Freelancers Inc. requires all new agents to to listen to and agree to the official end-user policy, which will follow now. Again, this conversation is being recorded for official purposes.
Our protocol states that you may only be assigned one mission per eighteen-hour period.
To receive a reward, you must complete your current assignment.
Should you fail at completing your assignment, you will not be allowed another assignment for the following eighteen hours.
Due to legal obligations, I must inform you that we do not provide any extended insurance or guarantee of safety. You are responsible for the upkeep of your own personal reclaim insurance, and neither the Vanguards, the Council of Truth, nor Freelancers Incorporated and/or any of their associated partners may be held responsible for any loss of value, property, health or life while undertaking a freelancing assignment through our agency.
He takes a deep breath, relaxing quite visibly.
Agency Receptionist: Aaaand... that's it. Your record has been verified, callsign Nanashai, and you are requesting status as a freelance agent. At this time your request has been approved, pending acceptance of the preceding policies. For official record keeping purposes, please state "I accept" at this time if you wish to proceed.
Nanashai: I accept.
Agency Receptionist: And there you go.
Reaching down he quickly taps against the keyboard, nodding to himself.
Agency Receptionist: Alright, your identity and record have both been confirmed, and you've officially agreed to the policies - Welcome to the Freelancers Inc. family. From here on out, your assignments and such will be taken care of by one of our personal handlers - They're off in the rooms to the side here. Anything else I can do for you?
Nanashai: I had a few questions, actually...
Agency Receptionist: Sure, what's up?
From here on, feel free to ask different questions about the Missions and the Agency as a whole. But right now, you are allowed to receive missions from the Agency!

In the one corner by the exit, you'll find the Agency Shop. Here you can find some special and interesting items.

(Missing IMG of Agency Shop)

When you're ready to take on a job, go see the Agency Handler.

(Missing IMG of Agency Handler)
Agency Handler: Nanashai, status - unassigned. What can I do for you?
Nanashai: I'm applying for a job.
Agency Handler: Please state your preferences and I'll take it into consideration.
Nanashai: Straight forward, please.
Agency Handler: I'm uploading a mission into your system, please be aware that you will not get a new assignment if you choose to delete this one manually.
Keep in mind what he says. If you delete the mission you're given, you need to wait 18 real hours before you can ask for a new one. You can also ask him about contacting the Clan Party Mixer to learn about Living Cyber Armor.
Agency Handler: Nanashai, status - unassigned. What can I do for you?
Nanashai: I'd like to contact the Clan Party Mixer.
Agency Handler: The coordinates are uploaded to your interface.
Please notice this is a stand alone mission, not provided by the agency.
If you're interested in shooting up some aliens, go swing by the Alien Agency Handler. The rules are the same, that it's one every 18 real time hours.

(Missing IMG of Alien Agency Handler)
Alien Agency Handler: Nanashai, unassigned. Would you like an alien mission?
Nanashai: Could I get an Alien Daily Mission?
Alien Agency Handler: Sure thing. Do you want to face the aliens alone or do you want to bring your friends with you? You know, they can be rather tough to handle on your own.
Nanashai: I want to face the aliens alone
Alien Agency Handler: If you say so.
You'll want to then take the teleporter in the room to take you to where the Unicorn Outpost is. From there, you can then find the different transports that will take you to your AI mission.

(Missing IMG of telepoter)

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Re: Posts on My Old Clan Guide

Post by Khuri » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:49 am

Hi AngelTee, thanks for posting these.

We're currently discussing if/how we can use your information to enrich our existing guides and will let you know if we use some of this information :)

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Re: Posts on My Old Clan Guide

Post by bitnykk » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:19 pm

Hey Angel !

So here's how we see things :
- the 2nd part (dialogs) would be very neat to enrich some guide we have that lack these informations ; we're discussing this
- for the 3rd part (agency), it seems we already have plenty infos on existing guide, so this seems unlikely that we use it
- for the 1st part (clan points) this could be starting point of a newbie guide in wich i'd like to do an omni part on same model

Feel free to feedback on these directions, propose other ones, or complementary stuff ;)

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Re: Posts on My Old Clan Guide

Post by AngelTee » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:16 pm

Feel free to use them! Just credit me in any guide you do put the info in. :top:

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