Chat with Memorial Caretaker (Yutto)

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Chat with Memorial Caretaker (Yutto)

Post by Windguaerd » Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:25 am

The small yutto turns towards you, cocks his head and taps his staff on the ground.
Titan: Hello, is this a memorial?
Memorial Caretaker: Hello young one. That is correct. This is the White Citadel memorial stone. Have you come to learn about history?
Titan: Yes, I'm here to learn.
Memorial Caretaker: And so you shall. Allow me to tell you the story of fire and ice at the White Citadel.
There once was a great Unredeemed warrior. He had been brought to the world in the heat of what we call Inferno now, and his skin and eyes and breath were scolding hot. He fought many battles for the Unredeemed and wherever he went, they fled. He was unstoppable and as such was set to guard the Source extraction around the Citadel.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
Memorial Caretaker: Eventually the Redeemed brought forward a warrior of their own. A child of frost and ice and the opposite of his enemy's champion, he was so cold that rocks would crack when he touched them. The inevitable came to pass. The two met, here at the site of the Citadel, and the battle lasted for days. Steam rose high as mountains as fire and ice clashed, the ground trembled, rivers changed their courses, the last, icy forests there caught fire.

Finally, the champion of the Redeemed was the only one standing, his size diminished dramatically as he had been kissed by the fire and he was terribly wounded. Around him, the snow and ice was gone, melted away as they had battled. Gone too was the extraction vein the Unredeemed had opened. He saw this and was happy. Drawing air deeply, he breathed out a storm of ice and snow to once more cover the land, forever etching itself to the buildings of the citadel. And then he closed his eyes and was gone too.
Titan: Thank you for the story. I should probably move on. I have more memorials to visit.
chaYou should travel south west from here then, to the woods. Amidst rafters and stalkers, you will find another memorial, like this one. Search the forest thoroughly and I am sure you will find the spot. Safe travels, young one.
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