Chat with One Who Walks The Night (Yutto)

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Chat with One Who Walks The Night (Yutto)

Post by Windguaerd » Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:56 am

One Who Walks The Night: Who are you?
Titan: I'm Titan. I've done the patrol through the forest.
From the depths of his robe, the yutto pulls out a little device that he taps a few times, then looks back up at you.
One Who Walks The Night: So it seems. I am a little puzzled why a human is here instead of one of the yuttocra watchers.
Titan: Your friend was hurt, so I offered to help.
One Who Walks The Night: That was truly kind of you, young one, a gesture that should be rewarded. Please accept what little money I can offer to you. may I help you?
Titan: I'm trying to learn more about the wars between the Xan.
One Who Walks The Night: Oh yes, that is a big subject. It is easily explained, though. The Xan had split up in two major groups again after the cataclysm. Both groups blamed the other for all the terrifying things that had happened.
One claimed one group had been too conservative in their use of the Source so it had erupted under pressure. The other group claimed the other group had used too much of it, draining the world and forcing it to shut them out.

The two groups eventually called themselves the Redeemed and the Unredeemed, among many other names. And then the wars started.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
One Who Walks The Night: We don't know exactly what provoked the first battle, as what little history we have found only shows how both groups blamed the other for the first blood.

Young and old, the Xan went to war against their own, using the newly shaped world to ambush, kill, trap and otherwise attack the enemy. There would be small battles, big battles and then no battles. Although the Xan were no longer immortal and no longer could heal up, if you will, they were still vibrant and clung to life with fervor. For the longest time, the numbers on each side didn't change much.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
One Who Walks The Night: The Redeemed and the Unredeemed soon found that living close to each other while at the same time nurturing a war was not a good idea. They split apart and spread out across the lands. Even us yuttocra were served the bitter taste of war. Although not from their hands. Perhaps you should talk to a friend of mine if you want to know more. We call him Ruminating Strife for his studies of war history in these lands. Last I heard, he was down by the west incarnator.
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