Chat with One Who Tinkers With Gadgets (Yutto)

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Chat with One Who Tinkers With Gadgets (Yutto)

Post by Windguaerd » Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:43 am

One Who Tinkers With Gadgets: You are back. Did you find the primary and secondary infrared filters?
Titan: Yeah, I have them right here.
One Who Tinkers With Gadgets: Oh yes, you did, you did! Please give it to me!
Gently, like a parent cradling a child, the hulking yutto takes the two items from you. He places them in one pocket and takes out the field glasses instead, carefully opening it to prepare the parts exchange.
One Who Tinkers With Gadgets: This will take time, young one, but you should stay here and watch. Perhaps you will learn something.
Titan: Maybe you could tell me a little about the technology the Xan were left with after the cataclysm?
One Who Tinkers With Gadgets: One Who Tinkers With Gadgets will tell you about this, yes. It is a good thing to know. You know that the Xan had limitless power while they still held the power of the Source. In truth, they were like gods of life and beauty and progress. They built Adonis at the pinnacle of their development, a city ripe with their marvels of technology.

It was ripped away from them and the few who remained first had to ensure their survival, having lost their remarkable ability to create life from themselves. During the collapse, the veins of the Source had been taken away from them, with only small pockets and insignificant small veins left in the open.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
One Who Tinkers With Gadgets: This meant they lost their technology as well. Not everything, there were still pockets of notum strong enough to use blueprints and some spiritech was saved. But the blueprints were scattered in a billion pieces all over the world and the spiritech they could still use was not as powerful as it had once been. All in all, the Xan were weak where they had once been strong.

They lost their ability to create life, to replenish their energy quickly, most of their knowledge of blueprints to life, any technology that relied heavily on the Source, their knowledge of space and ultimately most of their constructions too.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
One Who Tinkers With Gadgets: One Who Tinkers With Gadgets knows how it is to be without the love of technology. It must not happen again, or One Who Tinkers With Gadgets would lose his mind.
One Who Tinkers With Gadgets: Perhaps the Xan did as well. They tried to dig for the Source, or extract it from the few machines that still worked, but nothing could give them the hope of returning to their might.

It was as if the supreme creator had denied them all the things they had previously benefited from.
Titan: So did they invent new things?
One Who Tinkers With Gadgets: Eventually, yes. They had no choice. They rebuilt what they could and started producing things that would make their life a little easier. Sadly, most of what they made were weapons or otherwise war related. You see, after the few who survived had found each other, they started arguing, much like the different groups had done before the cataclysm. They were blaming each other, pointing fingers and agitating themselves to the point where a war was inevitable.
He shakes his head and sounds sad.
Titan: Could you tell me about the wars?
One Who Tinkers With Gadgets: One Who Tinkers With Gadgets could, yes. Yes, he could. But he has to get back to today's work. Perhaps you could ask another of my kin the same question, young one. I have finished the sick one now, it is healthy and ready for use again.

Please take special care of this little one and go to One Who Lights The Way. Tell him that One Who Tinkers With Gadgets fixed his little one for him. He is normally doing his Cin the central forest of West Penumbra. Not too far from the Pipe. Now, be on your way and travel safely.
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