Chat with Founding Glacier Five (Yutto)

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Chat with Founding Glacier Five (Yutto)

Post by Windguaerd » Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:08 pm

Founding Glacier Five: Hello again!
Titan: Got your ice data
Founding Glacier Five: That's good! Be quick now, young one...what is today's combined value of the stations?
Titan: 84.1
Founding Glacier Five: That sounds about right, yes. Very good job. I am quite impressed with your speed and diligence.
Titan: Maybe you can help me now and tell me a little about what happened after the cataclysm?
Founding Glacier Five: Ah, you're one of the humans who is interested in the history of these lands, is that so?
He nods slowly and looks around for a moment, as if to gather his thoughts.
Founding Glacier Five: I will tell you a little of what I know, then. You must understand that all of this happened a very long time ago. But for what it's worth, it may teach you a thing or two about yo--...the descendants of the Xan.
I assume you have learned about the cataclysm and what brought it forth, so I will not dwell on that. Instead I can tell you a little about the time of the survivors. There weren't many of them, and I do not believe anyone can understand how much of a shock it was. Most of the ones who remained were the same ones that had been skeptical about the cataclysm and the arks the Xan built. How terrifying it must be to see how all the doomsday prophecies came true. Nonetheless, their will to survive was strong and the few that remained had to go on living in this broken, torn up world.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
Founding Glacier Five: They were still the Xan, both in thought and shape, but not for long. The cataclysm had ripped out the open veins of the Source, removed it from their grasp and what little they could find was so very, very weak. They had already lost their immortality in times past, but now they lost their immense power. No longer could they create life in the process they had always used. No longer did their technology, or what remained of it, do all they wanted and more.

It was up to the few left to rise again and continue their way of life in the rubbles of the life they had lived before.
Titan: How many were left?
Founding Glacier Five: We don't know the exact number, but the Xan were not a very plentiful people to begin with. Research has led us to believe they were no more than there are humans on Rubi-Ka, a few million at most. Some got away, most died in the cataclysm and only a handful were left, figuratively speaking.

These few came together and formed a society of their own.
Titan: How did they survive?
Founding Glacier Five: Necessity is the mother of invention, young one. The survival instinct is strong and flows in us all, so also in the Xan. They could not despair for their lost kin and their lost world. Not when they had to ensure their own, continued wellbeing.

They learned to hunt and grow food in order to sustain energy. They learned to build new homes and defend them from the terrible creatures that washed over the lands, they learned to rebuild their technology to function albeit in a much lesser state, and they learned to continue their blood line in the natural way.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
Founding Glacier Five: Everywhere they turned they would see their past glory grimace at them, as if mocking them. They would ask for mercy from their deities, whom they thought had abandoned them, but to no avail. The gods were silent and the Xan were alone.

And this, young one, is where the Xan found themselves. Alone and fragile like a baby fresh from its mother's womb. There are many facets to the story of the Xan who remained and how they came to be the Redeemed and Unredeemed. Perhaps you will learn more of this on your travels through Penumbra.
Titan: Thank you for the story. I should be on my way.
Founding Glacier Five: Yes, by all means. Don't let me hold you back, young one. There must surely be many things you can do in Penumbra. In fact, I have a small favor to ask you.
Of course he does. They always have favors to ask...
Founding Glacier Five: I have here a set of field glasses that I borrowed from another of my kin, but they have broken while in my care.
I cannot return them in this state, so I must have them fixed. I would ask you to bring them to one who can do the repairs and then deliver the glasses to their owner.
Titan: I'm sure I can handle that...
Founding Glacier Five: Very good. Here are the field glasses. I know one of my kind who is very good at what he does. He can surely help you. I thank you for your help, young one. It is truly appreciated.
He sounds happy, but from what, you're unsure. Maybe because you're helping him, maybe because he doesn't seem to have to do any of his daily tasks himself...
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