Chat with Mourning Calamity Five (Yutto)

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Chat with Mourning Calamity Five (Yutto)

Postby Windguaerd » Mon Sep 06, 2010 5:36 am

Mourning Calamity Five: It has been done, I can sense it.
Titan: Yes, that's right.
Mourning Calamity Five: Then I was right to put my trust in you, young one. You have proven an asset to this old and tormented world. As I promised, I have something for you. I hope and think it will prove useful for you. Take good care of it and yourself. Now that you have done me such a service, maybe I can do you one and tell you the story of the cataclysm.
Titan: Thank you, I would very much like to hear it.
He nods at you and when he begins speaking, this strange and somewhat eerie tone in his voice appears again. He sounds unfathomably sad, yet seems very keen and alert.
Mourning Calamity Five:
Before I tell you anything, you must understand that what we know of the cataclysm is what we have been able to put together of Ergo's data and what has been recorded by those who survived the fall of the Xan. It may not be accurate and much of the information available vastly contradicts other information. Many things are said between the lines and some things are told using not words but artifacts carrying stories with them.
Titan: I understand.
Mourning Calamity Five: As you very well know by now, the use and exploitation of the Source had increased over time, reaching a peak here in what we call Adonis. It was here that the Xan found the richest vein of the material, it was here they built their metropolis and it was this place that was punished the most.
Even if they knew that the world was under so much pressure that it would wither and die, the use of the Source continued, until one day, the heart was ripped open and the rift split time - and the world - in two.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
Mourning Calamity Five: Day became night, night became day. Suns, moons, stars and the entire sky spun as the power of the strained Source ripped the world open and tore it inside out. Age had no meaning, everything was living and dead at the same time. Blood rained from the sky and bone grew from the earth.
The ripples spread from the center, shredding the tortured land into pieces, but it was in Adonis that it was worst. The vein that cracked was behind me, young one. It was here the center of Xan progress lay in berth. It was here it collapsed, pulling much of the city within, forever to be buried in the toxic meta water we see today. The vortex is still active, albeit much more docile.
Titan: What happened to the Xan?
He sighs heavily, as if it pains him to tell you this.
Mourning Calamity Five: Most of the great, ancient people perished. Most of them lived in or around Adonis by then. They were lost beyond any soul recall, beyond what any pattern could recreate. It was as if they had never existed. Gone forever both in past and future.
I can hear you question yourself about the arks. Yes, some were sent. Some were quick enough. The ones who were chosen to go in these magnificent arks they had built had managed to leave the world, their vessels loaded with all the building blocks of their kind . They left in separate directions, as the two disputing factions within the Xan did not work together even to save their kind.
Titan: Where did they go?
He draws a deep breath, thinking.
Mourning Calamity Five: There are questions that simply have no easy answers, that one can struggle to wrap one's mind around or that seem too expanding to comprehend. This is one of them. Did they have a specific goal for their exodus? Were there other worlds the Xan knew about where they would start over again? We know not.

We know that they spread these arks on purpose, that there were many ships sent out. To spread their invaluable cargo in random directions is the best and most cost effective way to seed life when there is no explicit target. There are numerous plants and animals who do this in order to procreate, and perhaps that was the intent of the Xan too. Sending hundreds, thousands of arks out into the great unknown, hoping a few would find habitable worlds. Sadly, many ships never left the ground. Many crashed. Many may still be traveling. But, one should think that one...two...found a place habitable enough to begin life anew. The theory is called panspermia.
Titan: But some remained, right?
Mourning Calamity Five: Yes, indeed. Some survived the cataclysm and were now left with a world that was slashed apart. They were dwindling few and for them, a new era started. They blamed each other for what had happened, and grew apart. In time, they would evolve away from the Xan they had once been, both physically and mentally. They would become blinded by their fanaticism and would no longer hold the power of the Source. It was as if the Creator had punished them with extreme prejudice. Them and the world.
Now, they had to build their new lives. Today, we know them as the Redeemed and Unredeemed.
He sounds tired now. The words come slowly and his voice is trembling.
Mourning Calamity Five:
But....theirs is a story of its own, and one I cannot tell you. There are more stories for you to hear, and I am confident you will meet more of my kind some day, perhaps in the icy colds of Penumbra. I wish you good speed and safe journey as you continue to travel Adonis.
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