Chat with One Who Gives Warnings (Yutto)

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Chat with One Who Gives Warnings (Yutto)

Post by Windguaerd » Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:41 am

One Who Gives Warnings: Hello again.
Titan: I found all the hecklers and the golem.
He claps his hands extatically.
One Who Gives Warnings: How wonderful! May I have the scanner, please?
He takes the scanner, tucking it away in his robe, not even glancing at it.
One Who Gives Warnings: Thank you very much, young one. I will surely have many interesting findings from this. Please accept these three as a payment for your services. It may not be much, but I hope you will find it useful.
Now have done me a great service, and in return, I would like to grant you some insight in the lives of those who lived here long before the birth of your kind.
Titan: I'd love to hear some more about the Xan.
He nods slowly and motions with his free hand.
One Who Gives Warnings: Have a seat then, young one. I will tell you of a dark period of the Xan history. It was the time of warning, the time where the Xan could have done something to stop the cataclysm, but chose not to.
It is not easy to talk about, knowing only bits and pieces from what we have found in our studies, from what Ergo can help us with and from the stories passed on from our own yuttocra ancestors.
Titan: (Listen to the story)
One Who Gives Warnings: It was in the days when Adonis' light was diminishing. The great metropolis was ridden with a darkness that her people had never seen before. There was crime, there were fights, there was something so fundamentally changing that some of the Xan had problems seeing their society as the same as it had been in all the ages preceding theirs.
Most people would not even notice. You must remember that all of these changes happened over many, many years. Most likely thousands of years, in the way your kind measures time.
Yet, in all of this, there was a group of Xan who could see where their civilization and the world were heading.
Titan: Who were they?
One Who Gives Warnings: They were scientists, researchers, scholars, clergy, engineers, explorers, artists, caretakers... They were every kind of person. They shared a common and very real fear that the world would end. As simple as that. These kinds of people have existed on your home world too. Doomsday prophets, people who would ask others to repent or to suffer the consequences of the end of the world was near.
Most of the time, people find them ridiculous and just ignore them. That happened with the Xan too. There is not much mention of them as a co-ordinated group but they were there.
Titan: But the problems in the world were very tangible and visible. How could someone deny that?
One Who Gives Warnings: Yes, this is true, but the Xan were not a people of open minds. They were intoxicated with the idea of their own divinity. Even if the world was trembling under them, the signs were not big enough for all of them to see the dangers.
Either way, these groups of worried Xan implored the rest of the society, begged them to see where their world was heading. Most laughed off these claims and called them ludicrous. They were considered crazy and even shunned for what they alleged. Only some were convinced and joined the choir of concerned voices. It was sadly not enough.
Titan: What happened?
He sighs and speaks slowly. Suddenly, his shoulders seem heavy, as if he was carrying a burden on them that was too heavy.
One Who Gives Warnings: The inevitable. After so long, the world just could not take it anymore. The constant strain on the Source, the technology that bled the world dry and stretched it thin was finally beating it down. By then, it was too late.

You must understand, it was not an overnight thing that happened. Even when the Xan finally realised that their world had problems that were impossible to reverse they refused to believe what it meant. They were a people of immense arrogance and belief in their own capabilities and to think that their world was actually coming to an end was an impossible idea for many of them.
Titan: So they knew about the cataclysm before it happened?
One Who Gives Warnings: Knew about it? Oh, no. Not at all. Once they could see that the consequences were going to be dire, most of them simply believed it would be an era of healing, or that the Braces were punishing them in some way. The majority of them never thought the price they would pay would be so high.
Titan: But why did they build the arks, then?
One Who Gives Warnings: Oh, the arks are a different part of the story. One that you should hear from one who studies it closer. Find One Who Remembers The Past. He is currently up north, where the ice of Penumbra seeps into the waters of Adonis. He will tell you more.
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