Chat with Fourth Watch Down (Adonis Yutto)

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Chat with Fourth Watch Down (Adonis Yutto)

Postby Windguaerd » Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:06 am

He turns to you as you approach him and it seems like he is happy to see you again.
Fourth Watch Down: Hello again, young one.
Titan: I think I've found four different kinds of spirits.
Fourth Watch Down: Very good. I see you came back in one piece as well. I'm glad. While you were away, I tried remembering what I know of the spirits here, and I can tell you some of it now, if you wish.
Titan: It's hard not to believe it when you see it so clearly as you do here, though.
Fourth Watch Down: This is true, child, but you must also remember that this place, these cursed Shadowlands, are vastly different than your world. In a way, you could say that all living...and non-living things here today are reflections. Reflections of what, I will not say. I think you are clever enough to understand in time.
His voice is warm and friendly as he takes a short pause in his explanation.
Fourth Watch Down:
We assume the spirits here are bound to the city the Xan built here. It was the greatest architectural task the Xan ever undertook. This place is rich in history even in its ruins today.
Titan: What can you tell me of the city?
Fourth Watch Down: Not too long after the discovery of the Source, the Xan slowly began the construction of their largest city yet.
It was to become what you know as Adonis, and history never saw a more beautiful, magnificent place. It was grand, ripe with power, ever expanding and pulsated with life. A majority of the Xan lived there or moved to the city.
He cocks his head and looks at you, as if he's trying to figure out how to explain something to you.
Fourth Watch Down: In human time, the city was constructed over several thousand years, but it was always expanding and never fully completed.
The city itself was built in tiers, with the central region cradling the technology centers and the outer districts the housing areas. With more and more Xan demanding privacy for themselves and their families, the city grew fast and big, hosting masses of people.
Titan: Were the Xan fighting at this point?
Fourth Watch Down: Fighting, no. Arguing more often and growing more self-centered, yes. Even if the society on a whole had changed, the Xan were still content when they started the construction of Adonis City. There were some disagreements but not too many, although breeding was already out of control as was the use of the Source.
Life was growing more personal rather than communal and the rush of technology since the discovery of the Source was somewhat overshadowing the more aesthetic sides of their culture. one was ever in need. The Xan had all they needed. They cultivated and built to cover needs and wants, and the city grew large and magnificent. It was beyond any beauty describable in any tongue. Vast gardens and recreational areas, glorious avenues and temples so bright and stunning they could be seen from many miles away.
Titan: They really do sound magnificent...
He nods slowly.
Fourth Watch Down: Oh, they were, young one. They truly were. As the children of the Source, they were riding the wave of technology and enlightenment. It is a true shame they did not see that it was a tidal wave they rode.
The yutto draws a deep breath before continuing.
Fourth Watch Down:
The large city was centered on several enormous veins of the volatile energy supplies of the Source, open to the surface, and fed the world with an abundance of the force of life.
The city was magnificent indeed, and full of splendor. It stretched between the main veins and the land is still streaked with its trapeze-shaped energy channels. They contained and transferred Source energy in magnetic force fields whose glow illuminated the wondrous city.
Titan: So Adonis City was like a big technology hub?
Fourth Watch Down: Yes, most certainly. Because of the concentrated Source supplies, they were able to focus its energy and unique abilities better than elsewhere. The city grew into a hub for the marvels of technology that ensued from the use of the Source.
New technology, new machines and products saw the light of day here. The Xan further developed the soul patterns and eventually built a library to contain all the knowledge of life they had discovered so far. The library itself was incredibly big.
He looks up and seems to draw a pyramid with his staff in the air.
Fourth Watch Down:
Huge reactors spun the central regions of the city, forever harvesting the energy, distributing it to the massive batteries further out in the continent where it would be refined for use in their technology and, eventually, their daily lives.

Shaking his head a little, Fourth Watch Down looks back to you, chuckling warmly.
Fourth Watch Down:
Oh, but forgive me, young one. I'm talking far too much. Surely, you want to be on your way.
Titan: Is there anyone else I can talk to about the Adonis history?
Fourth Watch Down: I'm sure that you will learn a lot about the history of Adonis. I will guide you on your way but you must travel with great care. It is not a friendly area by any measure of things.

In the north east part of these lands, there is a small village where the Redeemed live, not too far from their temple. Go there and seek out Conserver Gil Gala-Hume.
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