Chat with NPC Xenobiologist Grimes (Daily Mission)

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Chat with NPC Xenobiologist Grimes (Daily Mission)

Post by Windguaerd » Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:27 am

The young woman ahead of you quirks an eyebrow upward as you come into view, a slightly perturbed frown on her face.
Xenobiologist Grimes: Can I... help you?
Lobo: Get it off, get it off!!
She regards you calmly for a moment before letting out a quiet "Oh!" - Chuckling dryly she shakes her head, a small but wry smile on her face.
Xenobiologist Grimes: Oh, I'm sorry - You must be sent from the agency! Are you one of the new test subjects?
Lobo: Yes, yes - NOW GET IT OFF!!
Xenobiologist Grimes: Now, now, there's no need to shout. I don't suppose you have time to answer a few questions about your current state of being for me? The ability to interview a test subject while under the effects of the nano would be quite the boon to my research...
Lobo: Are you crazy?! I'm dying here!
Letting out a small sigh the young woman taps against her wrist display.
Xenobiologist Grimes: Very well - My, no patience at all... no matter, though - I can glean enough information from the logs stored in your NCU. Still would have been helpful to gain an interview from a subject under duress... maybe the next one.
She actually sounds a bit disappointed toward the end, as though she was seriously expecting you to go through with a Q&A session with the nano running... Either way, after a moment you notice the nano disappear from your NCU, the woman peering down toward the screen on her wrist. Her tone is a mixture of disinterest and sarcasm as she speaks, obviously more interested in the new information she's gained as opposed to speaking with you any further.
Xenobiologist Grimes: There we go. Is that better?
Lobo: Outside of the lingering feelings of white-hot needles being jabbed into my cortex, I'm good.
Xenobiologist Grimes: ...
After a moment's pause she sighs quietly, looking as though she's resisting the temptation to roll her eyes at you.
Xenobiologist Grimes: I more meant it as "is there anything else, or can you please go elsewhere now so I can study the logs?"
Lobo: Well, as long as I'm here, I figure there's a few questions I could ask....
Xenobiologist Grimes: Oh joy. Well, get on with it - I don't quite have all day.
Lobo: Why are you out here?
Xenobiologist Grimes: Well, if you must know, I'm supposed to be studying local wildlife, with a focus on the Engima population. Not that you probably care much...
Lobo: I wouldn't ask if I didn't care at least a little bit...
A dry chuckle exits her lips, eyes nearly rolling out of her head.
Xenobiologist Grimes: Sure, whatever. You know, I'm ok with people not caring about what I do, but don't fake interest if you genuinely don't give a damn, ok? Just because no one out there understands the importance of my research doesn't mean it needs to be mocked - What I do benefits every last man, woman and Atrox on this damn dustball planet. But do I get thanks for it? Nooooo.
You've apparently hit on quite the sensitive subject...
Lobo: I'm sorry, I didn't mean any offense.
You barely manage to even start your sentence, much less finish it before she continues on her rant, getting more and more worked up with every word.
Xenobiologist Grimes: I mean, sure - I'm used to not getting funding. That's ok. JAME has other stuff going on, and I'm in the bastard child "Company B" of this screwy organization. I can deal with that. I knew that signing on. I don't even care when people make fun of me for being out here. I mean, I do a bit, but whatever. That's ok. They don't understand, I can get that. But mocking my work? That one doesn't go over so well.
Lobo: Whoa, no, really - I didn't mean to offend you.
You manage to get about as far as the "nuh" sound in "no" before she interrupts you again. She's on quite the tear at this point...
Xenobiologist Grimes: Don't they see that what I'm doing is important? The enigmas have never been studied, we're picking up trace quantities of novictum in their bodies... the implications of their presence here is massive - Massive! But does anyone ever listen to me? Noooo. It's just Grimes! The crazy old crackpot lady with her little bitty braindog stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no damn money from her company to complete her research and no respect from anyone else! I have to take on commission work from that stupid mission Agency just to make ends meet, while Rodriguez and his cronies are all sitting pretty up in Jobe sipping on Leet Fizz! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!
Lobo: Wait, wait... you don't get paid to be out here?
Xenobiologist Grimes: Oh, I get paid - When they can actually be bothered to. The guys upstairs don't care about the Terrestrial Research Division - They only care about the Shadowlands themselves, not the actual science behind it all. "Anthropology? What's that? Xenobiology? Well, if the creature didn't come from Pandemonium itself we don't care!" GAH! I swear, I don't know why I do this to myself...
Lobo: Maybe we should talk about something else...
Taking a very, very deep breath she visibly relaxes, shaking her head quietly to herself before continuing on.
Xenobiologist Grimes: Yes, that's probably a very good idea overall... I tend to get a bit heated about my work.
Lobo: Is there anything I can do for you?
Xenobiologist Grimes: Unless you're either one of the new test subjects from the mission Agency or here to deliver a financial aid statement from JAME I don't think there's a whole lot you can do.
Lobo: So who are you?
Letting out a small sigh the woman goes to reply, as though not entirely interested in carrying on this conversation any longer than she absolutely has to.
Xenobiologist Grimes: My name is Dr. Grimes - I'm a Xenobiologist, working for the JAME Terrestrial Research Division.
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