139 - Briefcase of Holding

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139 - Briefcase of Holding

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Order OTSC-490 Group A

Post by Tonopa » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:38 pm

Over the years I made a lot of credits selling the BOH.

The Order OTSC drops with freakish reliability from a bureaucrat mob in the first room of the 'medium' or middle static mission building at Mort Sentinels. Where is that place? The static mission buildings are 20 meters from the Mort grid terminal. The refresh/rollover timer for these missions was six minutes.

Enter the middle building. You are now standing in the entry room. The next door leads to the hallway. The two mobs in the hallway are a bureaucrat (usually dressed in Nova Dillion armor) and a soldier (usually wears metaplast white top and Omni forest trousers.) Kill bureaucrat. Loot Order OTSC form. Exit mission and allow the mission instance to refresh/rollover. If the bureaucrat didn't drop the form? Bad luck I guess. By the way; if the first hallway have a medusa/rhinoman you are in the easy building. If you see a enforcer/trader in the hallway you've entered the hard mission.

Never sell the raw order forms - only the finished briefcases. I sometimes bought the forms from people on the shopping channel for 1m -- and sell the BoH for 15m-20m credits each. The briefcases are unique so tradeskill one then pass to alts to sell -- or you'll be sorry! It never took more than five minutes to sell BoH. This was so easy that I always had plenty of credits.

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