Nostalgia Suggestions

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Nostalgia Suggestions

Post by Cariadast » Wed Aug 23, 2023 7:15 pm

With the game changes over the years some places and encounters have changed or even been removed from live play, a new section has been created by AOU for Nostalgia.

If you have a memory or images of areas that are no longer possible to find or reach in-game here is the place to suggest that we add them to the
Nostalgia Guides area. Or just talk about!

It need not be an actual full guide, but just a few words and memories of the place, area, encounter or even people(s). While not all will be eligible for being posted in our Nostalgia Guides area, we wanted to give you a place to be...nostalgic! :)
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Re: Nostalgia Suggestions

Post by Higain » Tue Oct 10, 2023 11:35 pm

The original character creation and profession selection rooms.

The dangerous PvP run from the grid terminal at MMD to get to Mort and visa versa - and other danger spots like 2HO.

Screenshots or videos of the original, grimy, gray, trashy, tacky Old Athens; not the Happy Fun Elf Tree Village we have now. Same with the original Tir layout, it was a nightmare to navigate.

Whompa atop the Tir general store.

Remember there was an amnesty and we could travel through what were normally "kill on sight" urban zones.

The original mission module rooms. Recall some of the old cave missions had toxic pools of water we were forced to ford (breaks conceal-sneaking and got me the white-screen-of-death many times in max-hard concealed missions). The old mission rooms had low ceilings and exploiters would use the door frames to get above the rooms and look for mission objectives (that's why we have missions with 5 meter ceilings now.) Some rooms were too small for robots to traverse and they would get perma-stuck on objects like tables. Players could jump behind couches in rooms and atop shelves and be 100% safe.

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Re: Nostalgia Suggestions

Post by Snakebite » Wed Oct 11, 2023 8:29 am

Well, I've not seen that before!
Pity it's in such low rez...
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Re: Nostalgia Suggestions

Post by Higain » Wed Oct 18, 2023 12:33 pm

I think those two low res video are virtually the only videos remaining that document the creation rooms. Sad.

The original character creation rooms can be found as mission module models in ordinary RK missions. But those models only spawn at Cyborg Citadel in Avalon in medical research (bright lighting with white walls) themed missions- or so it seems. The rooms cannot be entered, but only viewed through windows in hallways that rap around the creation room module.

Another thing is how we interacted with quest NPC’s by typing trigger words like “/say what do you want” RPG fashion instead of selecting responses from a windowed list.

The stylized UI is long gone.
The old - and confusing - implant cluster names are long gone.

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