Froob for Life articles?

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Froob for Life articles?

Post by Tonopa » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:09 pm

Hi. Where are Hansoo's Froob for Life article series? Okay, I found them via that evil search engine company.

#4 is here: ... soo#p31091

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Re: Froob for Life articles?

Post by Khuri » Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:13 am

You can find them all in this list: ... 2F&lang=en

They start with "Froob For Life"

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Re: Froob for Life articles?

Post by Tonopa » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:35 pm

Static mission buildings are hidden in plain sight all across Rubi-Ka. Perpetual Wastelands have many static mission caves and buildings bit I forget the entrance coordinates. Some of these can be farmed for certain items. There are a few static mission buildings in Old Athens with assorted level 5ish mobs wandering about.

Belial Forest 3000, 3030 - static mission cave @ map location "shelter"

Wine Outpost - static mission building smugglers cave and rooms entrance along hillside with many Omni humanoids inside. 25% pvp gas. 0% gas mayhem in a small building.

Mort Sentinels Outpost (1930, 1250) - Static Mission Buildings; difficulty ranging right side to left side; easy, medium and hard. Formerly all had six minute rollover timers upon exiting building.

Level 90-128 Rhinoman armor - Mort Sentinels Outpost 'easy' static mission building. Rhinoman "Mystics" drop the armor. The medusa in this static mission do NOT drop Miy's armor - I dispatched hundreds of them. Entwined Militiaman/Colonel always drops runspeed +100 Ring of Haste.

Mort Crater (865, 2190) - static mission cave.

Southern Foul Hills (1725, 1375) - Anvian Wing Leader - Miy's rings of essence and endurance STR/STA rings and utility slot Hud 1 and 3 Nano Targeting Helpers

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