Tons of New Posts??

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Tons of New Posts??

Post by Khuri » Wed Nov 01, 2006 4:33 pm

Greetings everyone!

I changed quite some things in the forums handling of the "new posts" function; Actually, the forum only shows you "new posts" since your last visit, or while you are online and there is something posted in that time. So if you visit once, to look at a guide for example, but don't check the forums, and come back tomorrow, you won't see the "new posts" from the time you checked the guide anymore.

This behaviour is now changed. The forum tracks all topics with new content for you and stores this information for 30 days.
In other words: You visit today, and don't read something, it will remain marked as "new post" for at least 30 days (or until you read it).
This behaviour is similar to that of the official AO-forums.

Now why do you have tons of "new posts"? This is because your current "tracking" is empty, as you visit now, so all posts not older then 30 days are unread. To easily mark all those posts as read, simply click on the little "mark all forums as read" link at the bottom left of the Forum Index. Within a subforum, you can also mark just this subforum as read, there is a link on top right of the subforum index.

If you experience trouble or find bugs, please report them to me. Thank you!
I hope this new feature will be of use! :)