RP - The Green Cloaks (Atlantean) UPDATED!

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RP - The Green Cloaks (Atlantean) UPDATED!

Post by Windguaerd » Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:12 am

Event Calendar Entry:
[img]http://www.ao-universe.com/website/imag ... r/sf_0.png[/img] The Green Cloaks

Event on: Atlantean
Event Time: [usertime=1278266400] (your time)
Event Duration: aprox. 1 hour

Event Description:
On the first Sunday of each month, nothing special happens in Reet Retreat

((OOC: The OOC-player-meetings are held monthly in Reet Retreat. The topics will vary from meeting to meeting, and either are announced in this thread or not.

For now, the meetings will be held at 18.00 GMT first sunday of each month in the Diner of Reet Retreat.))
(Attention: This event has changed!)
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