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Social/Roleplaying - RP News

Post by Khuri » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:37 am

A recent stunning revelation from an unexpected appearance from the long-missing clan The Pilgrims has shown that the original Omega, long thought gone from this universe, have returned, and Omni-Tek has been making unknown deals. Omni-Tek CEO Eva Pourais denied these allegations, citing the lack of tangible proof, as the Pilgrims could only show a recording of the supposed encounter. The Omega, the original nano-based immortals, can be remembered from the book Prophet Without Honor, available for free at the old official site ( ... le=CONTENT )

CoT Speaker elections have been extended until the meeting on February 3rd. The Council site at has more information, including statements from the candidates and information on how to file a vote.

The RP community and ARK hosts are hard at work developing a new RP channel/bot to make finding events and roleplayers simple. Be alerted to one time events, surprise appearances, or find out about planned storyline elements, in the near future.

There is a special call out to revive an Omni-Tek organization to balance out the Council of Truth, the Clan player representation. If you're interested, please check out the forums (link below)!

All of the storylines, large and small, and information about roleplaying organizations and meetings, can be found at the Fourth Wall forum on the official AO site, at ... ourth-Wall

(Written by Zagadka)

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