Guides - Mission Monday - October 14th 2013

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How often should a newsletter be sent?

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Guides - Mission Monday - October 14th 2013

Postby Silvana » Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:12 am

While there may only be one update for this week, it's a pretty good one as it is a change that effects any org with a city that likes to perform alien raids.

We also have a poll going this week that we would like your input on. A goal we've had for a while is to get the newsletter working with more consistent functionality. What we'd like to know is how often you think a newsletter should be sent out. These will include news for the period of time, new/updated guides info, and other information as we work it out a bit more and flesh out the features.

Just a reminder, we're still looking for screenshots of your best in-game Halloween costumes! You can view more information HERE!
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