Patch - Reminder For AOU Mod GUI

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Patch - Reminder For AOU Mod GUI

Postby Silvana » Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:48 pm

I wanted to make sure everyone is ready, either for logging in to Test Live, or when the patch hits Live, that you've downloaded and replaced the AOU Mod GUI (or any custom GUI) with a clean GUI. There are a lot of changes going on, new windows with the new GMI, and they don't work properly with custom GUIs. This may not be the case for EVERY custom GUI, or it may, I haven't tested them all, but I do know the AOU Mod is not compatible with the current patch on Test Live and the new market interface.

You can get the clean GUI with instructions for installation by clicking HERE. A new version of the clean GUI will also be made available closer to the release of the patch the changes will come with. The link here is working on Test Live, but I would hold off updating your Live client until the new clean GUI is released to avoid any complications.

Once the patch hits Live, we'll work on fixing issues that are causing the AOU Mod to not function properly so that people can start using it again. Trying to fix it now would be problematic as things are still changing on Test Live and any changes we make now could just end up needing to be changed/fixed again later.

You're also welcome to suggest things you'd like to see in the AOU Mod for when we do update it.

Thank you!
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