Need hoster for PoRK Mirror (!history)

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Need hoster for PoRK Mirror (!history)

Post by tyrence » Fri Nov 07, 2014 9:23 am

Originally posted here:

Since the server merge broke Auno's PoRK mirror, I created my own PoRK mirror in order to support the !history command on Budabot. This includes a process that runs daily to pull changes from AO's server. I need to get this off my server soon and need someone who is willing to host it on their server. Preference will be given to anyone who has a history of hosting public websites and especially AO-specific websites.

I will give you:
* database of current character history
* utility that runs daily to update database (source code here:
* copy of history (this is needed so that !history can show info from previous servers)
* PHP pages that allows bots to interface with the database

You will need to provide:
* a publicly-available host with a web server and a database system installed and running

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