Why I`m Quiting

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Why I`m Quiting

Post by roderick2944 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:34 am

I wanted to let everyone know why I decidee after returning to the game after 2 year away.

First ,it`s not my fellow players or the the game it self.
It the mangment

When I returned one of my favorite chartures was renamed in to a string of number .I tryed for ovet two months to change it ,In game messages ,E-mails to mangement ,Paying for a name change .Nothing ,nada,zilch.No reponce or action from mangement not even a polite we hear you e-mail. Be late one day with monthly payment 3 e-mails about my account being shut down and how that wont happen if I pay before it`s due.As it seams to me the management is only inrested in getting my money and not hearing or dealing with problems ,I`m quiting and spending my money on a game that at lease will pretend the the players are inportane not their money

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