AOU Forum Guidelines (Updated June 2012)

AO is the main topic, but you can also talk about things like the latest console game you've played, web comics, movies, music, etc. as they pertain to your AO experience.

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AOU Forum Guidelines (Updated June 2012)

Post by Silvana » Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:30 am

The AO Universe forum is place for players to talk about Anarchy Online, share knowledge, and engage in discussions related to the game and its community. While there are not a lot of rules that users need to abide by, you should make sure that you follow the ones that are enforced. Breaking the rules can result in anything from a written warning, to being permanently banned from the AOU forum, depending on the severity of the transgression.

Keep in mind that this forum is NOT guaranteed to be seen by anyone on Funcom staff. All issues and/or questions pertaining to your account status, billing, exploits, game policies, or grievances with Funcom staff or players, should not be posted here.

To report an exploit or bug, visit the official AO forum and post in the Report a Bug or Report an Exploit sections respectively.

Rules are enforced at the discretion of the AO Universe staff as this is a privately maintained forum. However, breaking game policies, non-discolure agreements (NDA), or actively slandering the game or Funcom staff beyond reason, can result in action being taken at the request of Funcom.

All usernames are required to be unique. You don't have to use one of your character names, but having a way to easily identify yourself to others is more helpful to you as a user. When you create a username, keep these guidelines in mind. Some are enforced by the forum itself, others by the AO Universe staff:
  • Usernames must be 15 characters or less
  • Only letters, numbers (0-9), hyphens (-), and underscores (_) are allowed in usernames
  • Offensive usernames will be deleted or altered to follow guidelines
As most players know, your signature can hold a wealth of information including your characters, their levels, links to gear setups, or just a favorite quote that you may have. Images are allowed, but all signatures are required to follow these simple guidelines:
  • To keep from stretching posts, keep signatures below 500 characters
  • Also part of the previous guideline, keep font sizes at normal or smaller
  • When using a picture, it must be no larger than 350x100 pixels
  • Images must be no larger than 100kb in size
  • Signatures may be edited or removed by the AOU staff if any guidelines are not met
A large number of avatars are available to you that reflect some of the avatars used on the official Anarchy Online forum. You are also welcome to create your own avatar and upload it, with the understanding that it must meet these simple rules:
  • Sexual images of any kind are not permitted
  • Harassing or insulting images of any kind are not permitted (at the discretion of AOU)
  • Avatars may not be larger than 120x150 pixels (pre-made avatars are 68x108 pixels)
  • Avatars must be no larger than 10kb in size
  • Avatars may be edited or removed by the AOU staff if any guidelines are not met
The Do & Do Not List
  • DO... Post in English to get the best results
  • DO... Try to use proper grammar and punctuation
  • DO... Make new thread titles be relevant to the information in them ("Guess what.." "Look here!" are not appropriate)
  • DO... Stay on topic with the original poster when making a reply.
  • DO... Create new threads in the proper section of the forum
  • DO... Provide helpful information including links and FULL quotes to solidify your post
  • DO... Create a friendly environment for new and existing players to be part of
  • DO... Try to keep excessive foul language out of posts as there are many younger players
  • DO... Be respectful of everyone that posts here
  • DO... Have fun!
  • DO NOT... Argue with an AOU staff member if they have edited/removed your content.
  • DO NOT... Harass, belittle, or troll others for having different political, religious, cultural, or sexual views
  • DO NOT... Impersonate another community member, Funcom staff, or AOU staff
  • DO NOT... Share private information of yours or others in public threads. This is for your own safety
  • DO NOT... Rant. If your comments are not constructive and only serve to troll or flame, don't post them
  • DO NOT... Spam. Posting multiple threads with the same idea, posting "bumps" (this includes necro-posting), ads, or malicious links, are all considered spam
  • DO NOT... Quote others or sites to be situational. If the entire quote would take away from your point, don't use any of it
  • DO NOT... Fight with other community members or AOU staff members. If there is a disagreement, you should use the private message function or report the offending post
  • DO NOT... Post links to inappropriate websites, images, or forums
  • DO NOT... Hijack the threads of other community members by changing the discussion topic. Create your own thread to discuss your new thoughts
  • DO NOT... Discuss items such as exploits, things covered in any past/present non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for AO or any other game, or any other item that would be deemed illegal
The AO Universe staff reserves the right to edit, delete, and move posts and threads as they see fit in accordance with the rules set forth above. Under no circumstances are you to re-post something that was deleted or change edits that were made by the AOU staff. If you have a question or concern about something that you feel was unfair, contact Snakebite via the private message system. These are not matters for public discussion.

If you'd like to get caught up on the intricacies of how to properly interact on the internet, we encourage you to read the standards for netiquette such as RFC 1855.

Any and all questions regarding the information in this post should be brought directly to the lead Forum Moderator (Snakebite) or the Site Manager (Silvana) via the private message system. Do not post them in a public thread as they will be removed and proper actions will be taken.