Transmographic Dimension Shifter

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Transmographic Dimension Shifter

Post by gdahl » Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:36 pm


You could emphasise or elaborate on a few things in this guide.
1. The quest is pulled as a daily mission: In the dialogue with the NPC, select the team option, and then the Arid Rift option.
2. You should loot the 4 items (Semi Working Cellular Assembler, Insulated Nano Wire, Tube of Flexible Carbon Fiber and Set-and-Reset Flip-Flop) on the way to Ness.
3. DO NOT assemble them before you talk to Ness.
4. After talking to Ness, assemble the 4 items and give them right back to him. Talk on and get the "Algorithm: Replotting Matrix".
5. Head back to the assemblers, loot another set of the 4 items and assemble on the spot, included the final combine with the Algorithm item.

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