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Semi-new Player

Post by Erelenus » Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:58 pm

Okay, I've been playing Anarchy Online as a froob on and off for years. I've gotten about half the free classes up to level 30 or so (And then once deleted them-- God only knows why) and I can pretty much do the noob island and first dungeon blindfolded, drunk and spinning in circles.

Thing is: I love this game, I do. I just always feel at a strange disadvantage, or I feel like I should be doing more. Without access to the auction house, easy money isn't... quite as easy. That and twinking always puts me off. I always feel I should be stronger, but I'm never quite sure how to be. My final issue is, well... a lack of players to group with, often times. Though I suppose once I do get a group, I feel like the weakest one there, which is rather demotivating. These things usually pile up on me each time and cause me to leave.

Still, I want to play, I want to love it, and if I can stand here a month, I want to become a sloob (Huzzah for upgrading... a bit!). So I was wondering if anyone here could perhaps give me some suggestions for what I can do to enjoy the game more? Also, is it still worthwhile to rejoin right now with all the class rebalancing about to hit? (Or in the progress of hitting, I'm not sure.)

I suppose I'm looking a bit for class suggestions and any pointers on twinking or just generally getting by without feeling like everyone else could bonk me on the head and watch me die. Regarding classes: I enjoy just about the entire gambit of potential classes available here. I usually like more complex ones (ALWAYS wanted to try a trader) but I fear adding too much to my learning curve. I was thinking engineer, if that'd be an alright starting class. I'm entirely unsure.

tl;dr - How does I not suck as a froob so I don't go nuts and leave for the millionth time?

Thank you for reading.

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Re: Semi-new Player

Post by Niodemus » Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:33 pm

Hello Erelenus

First of all welcome to AOU!

Coming to your topic... which basicly rotates around your question
Erelenus wrote:How does I not suck as a froob so I don't go nuts and leave for the millionth time?
I'll try to dodge the simple statement "become a (full) pay member to have it easier"...

It is of course a difference between being free account player and (full) paying member. The difference is smaller for the SL only subscriber, but still recognisable especially at higher levels.

At lower level, like your mentioned level 30, I wouldn't consider the difference huge enough to make you feel that bad. Most professions only gain little advantage by their first 3-4 SL perks and the common first 2 AI perks. For Soldiers, Fixer and Agents the whole part is different though since they can easily get their Perennium weapon, those weapons give a somewhat huge advantage in the damage department.

However, the equipment of paying member usually isn't alot better than the stuff you have access to... unless we look at characters who have been twinked up to the teeth. Leveling characters often use the very same equipment free player have access to as well. Possibly they already gained one or two additional special attacks (perk attacks) with low level templates.

The difference you experience is - from my point of view - mostly based on the money they collected and likely transfered from higher level characters to their according low level. This gives them access to equipment only few starting player could get. If you would keep playing untill your character gets to .. lets say level 100, you could see what this transfer advantage means to your second new started character, your alt.
Of course with your first character you would feel the increasing difference between free and pay accounts during your progress.

Recommending classes is something basicly no one can do. While there are some classes that have an easier time, those might offer little fun to you... other classes may be tougher for you, but you may enjoy them more. In the end it boils down to what kind of gameplay you enjoy, without joy you would start another class or maybe even leave again.

Okay... think I have to get to the "how to not suck as froob". First of all you have to accept that you are at the start little less powerful and difference increasing the higher you get... as long as you stay free player. Most people I played with during the first 3-4 title levels have never blamed free player for being less powerful. Surprisingly often I have seen free player being even better team mates than full subscribers, simply because they learned the advantages and disadvantages of their class more, learned how to use their abilities & toolset to an extend some full subscriber don't bother about ...just to decrease the above mentioned difference.

Well... hopefully I haven't demotivated you by this reply... truth may hit like a rock, but it's your choice to make the best out of your situation. Personally I have never regretted to be a froob for a year after a break, reaching even 120-something as froob on one character... and now I'm back to being full subscriber. Also the learning curve is less steep for free accounter I believe.

hm... I better stop now... it's becoming a wall of text :shock:
In case you have further questions or maybe want to share your experiences, feel free to post again!


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Post by Erelenus » Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:13 pm

Thank you very much for your post. Oddly enough, it's pretty much exactly what I expected to hear, and that's not a bad thing. I've always respected the general maturity of this game's audience. To add to the oddity, you were actually more motivational than demotivational. I believe I'll roll up a class sometime this weekend after re-researching them a bit to get a feel for what I want to try or retry.

Again, thanks.

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Post by Snakebite » Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:16 am


1/ What time zone do you play in?
2/ What server do you normaly play on?
3/ What faction do you normaly play?

After that, I gotta say, first characters are normaly MAs, simply because they have some heals, and don't need weapons (takes out a big headache early on lol). All you're realy looking for is your best Bird of Paradise...

As far as twinking goes... You don't have to go nuts, simply because you level out of the twink so fast it becomes pointless... I'm happy if I'm wearing QL50 shop bought implants by the time I leave the Subway.

If you don't already have them, you need a couple of third party tools...
1/ Clicksaver (allows you to roll missions with specific rewards (Bird of Paradise for instance))
2/ Nano Nanny (helps you design custom implants)

I have more advice, but it's quater past eleven at night and I've just finished work so my brain stopped working a few hours ago...
Don't make me come in there and Moderate you!

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Post by Kiytan » Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:44 pm

Excellent advice people have already given, thought I'd just throw in a few more little bits:

Try to always have on equipment that has a quality level higher than your level, there are some exceptions to this rule obviously. However you can generally spot them because they have thier quality labelled as "SPECIAL" or are ql1 (when they are obviously more powerful than a ql1 item)

There are some excellent guides here and on on making some money at low levels.

..will add more later, got to catch a bus...

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Post by Vickie » Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:34 pm

well i allways run around in full omni med suit until im like lvl 30-50ish. basically that can give you very powerful heals as first aid kits etc. you will lack AC's but in low levels those dont matter alot if you can use high qualitylevel first aid stims.

easiest for me was soldier when i started in 2002. good defence with their reflect shields and total reflect shields, and good damage. you have to get a gun thou :D (as MA you dont, hehe)

if you in rubi-ka 1 (atlantean), i can probably guide you a bit on soldier matters if you choose that)
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