Is Grid Armor Worth it?

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Is Grid Armor Worth it?

Post by berrybashirian » Thu Jun 09, 2022 5:53 am

Is it really worth it using any type of GA as a fixer?

I've never really seen a big use for it unless you have a level 24 fixer twink with GA-1 on. But other than that, It cost a lot, it does add evades but not as much AC's as normal armor, and I've seen a lot of fixer twinks that dont even use GA and can pwn anything in totw. But im not talking mainly about twinks, just in general.

I'm personally not a very big fan of it, some of my friends arn't either, and agian.... its cost A LOT! for me anyway.

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Re: Is Grid Armor Worth it?

Post by Kalahaan » Sun Jul 17, 2022 1:57 pm


i have used myself on my fix the GA 1, 2 and 4 (long time,befor AI cam out) , and what i can say ,,, it's a true "dream" to wear it on RK. You dont have to loock about AC or Evd bonus, but loock on the Add All Def , and this is just ... big. How i remember, most of the RK mob wont hit you, or only a hit for 5 or 6 missed. But you ar "vulnerable" on nano dmg, reflect and on most of the AI mobs.
I dont know today price, but i think she is totally owerpriced on RK5, if you ar fr00bs try to loot a disc, on sub account and if you really want it, sell GRACE and buy it.

note: sorry for my bad english and for all bad typo

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