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Since Anarchy Online is set in a constant hostile enviroment (factions, aliens, mobs) I thought writing this small guide on Military Tactics would help those interested in them.

Basic Military Tactics
In Operations you may need to "Flank" the opposition or a place, meaning to surround it from certain angles, to "Outflank" means that the enemy may try to "Flank" you, but you made the move before they did and you may have the advantage.

The classic "Pincer Attack" means that two teams will "Flank" a target and attack from two sides, this attack could be front and behind the target, or left and right, or left and behind, in any combination possible.

The well known "Two Walls Attack" describes the tactic of two teams, one behind the other attacking the same target or location, one team backing the other vice versa, doubling the strength of an attack.

Of course there is the "Bait and Switch" tactic, when one member of a team lures a target to where the team is located, the team is hidden and ready to ambush the target.

The old "Miner's Rush" in which a full frontal assault by a team or teams, still works in certain situations.

During Operations and Mission indoors a tactic known as "Paper Shield" is used by clanners to take cover from attacks. While engaged the person stands at the edge of a door or wall (about 2 feet behind them) and then steps sideways to give himself a second or two to heal or reload his weapon and then step back to continue the fight. This comes handy during Team Missions where the team is so deep that it is impossible to escape outside to heal or reload during critical situations. However this tactic can be noticed and the attacker can easily go around the door or wall and engage at will, making the feeling of being shielded, as if you were behind a piece of paper, thus the name "Paper Shield".

A basic tactic recently developed by Mercury Dragons Clan is "The Clown Taunt", in which someone more or less "taunts" their opponent into a trap or dangerous area. A few hotheaded omnis have been lured into an entire group of Cyborgs or into a Sandworm using this tactic. Most opponents will not fall for this tactic however (ehem, this tactic was created by the "Clown Posse" within our clan, and I can't believe they actually want to take credit for this).

Advanced Military Tactics
One of the most memorable tactics which is now considered basic (in a battlefield) is CoT's "Truth's Sword", in which 5 teams work together. 3 teams form a line to take turns on a target, another 2 teams wait until the other 3 teams have done as much as they can, then they execute a "Pincer Attack" on the target while the other 3 teams recover, and then they rejoin the other 2 teams to finish the target. This was heavily used to take on the Omni-Pol Supreme Forces in Omni-2 (now known as the City of Athen, a Clan City).

A tactic used by some omnis called "Suicide Run" is when an omni can't attack a clanner in a yalmaha high above, so they go into their Yalmaha, fly on top of their intended target (clan or neutral) and then JUMP off their vehicle and initiate a Root Nano and start engaging in mid-air! The person rooted can't move from where they are, and are a target for any other omnis using the same tactic to inflict damage. If the target jumps from his vehicle to the ground to try to run for it, it is likely other hostiles (omnis most likely if not hostile creatures) will be surrounding him.

A tactics developed by Mercury Dragons Clan is the "Vulture Drop" in which a team takes flight in their Yalmahas and go at a low altitude and time their jump so the entire team lands on top of the target to take it out (this takes some precise synchronizing).

Another tactic, one which I'm proud to say was also developed by Mercury Dragons Clan is "Dragon's Claw", a spin off from the classic"Pincer Attack". Instead of having 2 teams, there are 4 or 5 teams "Flanking" a target or location, and once given the "Mark" all teams "Move in" on the target and take it out swiftly, and if you think about it, a Claw has 4 or 5 sharp claws as a part of it, thus the name "Dragon's Claw".

There you have it.

Have a great day, and may your training experience be as fulfilling as mine.

Commander Windguaerd

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