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This entire guide is written Out-of-Character, meaning it is from an Anarchy Online Player's point of view, and not the character he plays. Since Anarchy Online is set in a constant hostile enviroment (factions, aliens, mobs) I thought writing this guide for those interested in roleplaying military roles in AO.

Basics on Roleplaying a Private
Role-playing a Private is easier than an Officer, since Privates salute first, call their superiors either by either sir, rank or rank and name (i.e. "Sir", "Captain", "General"). Privates address other privates by their names, and because they are on the same level usually develop easier and more friendlier ties to their comrades (of course a good officer would develop a good relationship with those under his command).

Basics on Roleplaying an Officer
Role-playing an Officer is more of a challenge, since you should be an example to Privates. As an Officer, you must make sure a Private salute first, even if you have to remind him (of course you should try a friendly way (i.e. "Private, is there something wrong with your hand? or have you been holding your weapon too long? I don't see that hand saluting"). You must make sure those under your rank call you by either sir, rank or rank and name (i.e. "Sir", "Major", "Major Meuh "). Officers address other Officers by their ranks, but when already well acquainted, usually they drop the rank and address each other by name. Officers also represent the leadership of the clan, proper protocol when addressing other players that are clan leaders and their officers appropriately is part of the job. An Officer also must adhere and uphold the rules of his/her guild at all times since they are the foundation of the organization, those who act badly under an Officer's command are his responsibility.

An Officer is a person able to lead, encourage and praise those under him to increase their morale, strength and knowledge. You can do this by running Events, interacting with Privates, equipping them, giving them advise and trying to answer questions they may have. Role-playing an Officer is not very easy mind you, but there is a LOT of role-playing opportunities. Officers are responsible for the organization as a whole, it's growth in numbers, strength and information which is shared to all members. You can also get a /tell from someone wanting to join the clan, or perhaps looking to form an alliance with us, offer their services (in-game entertainment or otherwise), give information which the person think should be given to an Officer only because it's very important, etc. Role-playing an Officer is interesting for sure.

Advanced Military Roleplaying
You should develop certain military habits. If you're in a team and are the leader, instead of saying "lets go guys" you can say "Move out team", "let's not get near that thing" could be "hostile detected, take evasive action". Time can also be role-played! let's say you are about 5mins away from joining a team or meeting someone, instead of "ETA 5mins" you can say "I'm 5 clicks away", if ask how long is that, say "At current speed, 1 click per minute" (click meaning a certain distance). If you are not a leader in a team, but a Puller, instead of "i got one" say "Hostile Detected, Locked on Target, awaiting orders." If you need a doctor to heal you can shout "Assistance Required, Low Health, CODE RED." or "Medic!". If you got a team on their way to a mission and something gets in your path (attacks) select the monster and say "Hostile Detected.. %t has started it's attack run, withdrawing, mission is priority 1." or "Incoming Hostile...%t has started it's attack run, open fire at will." %t will be replaced with the monster's name, all this can be easily be accomplished with macros and scripts. Giving a "yes" as reply or answer can easily be turned into an "affirmative" or "acknowledged", all little touches to your military persona. You can get caught in the middle of a Funcom Event as you're trying to level or get something you need...will you role-play or try to get what you need?, it's all up to you.

There you have it.

Have a great day, and may your role-playing experience be as fulfilling as mine.

Windguaerd's Player

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