Articles - Yuttos Energy Drinks - the public response

Atlanteans biggest and most well known engineering organisation, Rubi Ka Universal Robots(RUR), this last weekend announced the launch of their new product, Yuttos Energy Drinks.

The Yuttos Energy Drinks, are now available at three locations across Rubi ka, the Eden Holo Cafe, Amanda's Boutique and Tir Subway.

A quote from their promotional website states that the new drink made by the creators of RUR cola will, "Dazzle your taste buds and embark on a journey through three delicious flavors of energy drinks."

So, AO-Universe went out onto the street to see whether the public had embraced this new drink!!

Sarola Kabib from Rome seems to not be able to get enough of the new drinks "This drink. wow. Life saver. Need more. Do you have more?quot;

Mevys Lowyt seems uncertain of the product "Quite disappointed at the lack of leet milk. I mean, who ever creates that product first, now thats going to be a winner. Chocolate Leet milk."

We also bumped into some Unicorn Guards by Omni1 Entertainment Platform who seemed to be complaining that it had gone cold. "Usually we are so sweaty inside this armour we get made to wear, but damn.. its so cold today. I need to go home to get my thermals"

So, there you have it. Some mixed reviews, but all in all, no complaints about the taste! I might go and grab myself a can!!

This was an independent article from "Caitriin Court Reports"

Last updated on 12.07.2011 by Khuri
Article written by Caitriin
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