Articles - Unicorn's Shadows - Part 9 (Epilogue)


Commander Windguaerd Personal Log, November 1st 29477.

"Months have passed since I disbanded the clan, nobody knows what happened to my father; I miss him. It's taken a while to let go, but my anger has subsided. I practically became a hermit in my search for inner peace, until a few weeks ago.

My former clan mates have moved on, I've distanced myself from them and all my friends. Some of my former officers had asked me to join them in other clans but I declined, I've been in Cerberus Clan over a month, and I feel my decision to join my old friend Cogs was right. He is a good leader, and his advisors are fairly experienced, even though it took three of them to interview me before the decision to allow me to join was made. Wise on their part, my past is not squeaky clean in the public eye, but I've never acted dishonorably in mine.

I wish old General Voislav was still around, his advise would have been more precious than notum to me. They... whomever they are, took my old man and destroyed him from within, erasing his existence. The man I saw in the forest was not my father, he may have had his body but he did not have his spirit. I'm not sure what I will do if I have to face that man again in combat, will I be able to kill him if I have to, wearing my father's face?

I feel the corporation was behind it somehow, they have the technology to do it, but why him? he was retired, was out of politics and no longer spoke in public for any reason. One way or another, I'll find out who or whom was behind it all.

The EndGame alliance has grown strong, but there are still some minor internal problems. Minor compared to those the larger clans such as Storm face, where power is above justice and freedom. Most dragons joined EG clans at my advise; however some joined clans which are less than reputable or honorable; and that disturbs me.

I'm so used to leading a military clan, that it has been somewhat difficult to adapt to a civilian clan. I miss the discipline, and the military life I used to lead. However fellow clan mates have cheered me up with their... colorful language and actions of camaraderie.

The war is still going on, but with the opening of the new dimension through Jobe things have changed, the focus has moved to strange new places, leaving clan territory in Rubi-Ka weaker against the corporation and other threats. I cannot understand how this is being ignored by many clan leaders.

Other clan leaders and myself had the luck to meet former CoT Spokesman Henry Radiman in the Cup in early September, I wish Pops had been there since he had a few meetings with him. Meeting him for the first time, I can see why he is so respected, he radiates charm and seems to be a level headed man. The conversation with him was focused on Jobe, and then about the fall of the CoT. He was kind enough to recognize my rank as Commander, which made me wonder if he knew who my father was.

I know Cogs attended a more official meeting later that week in the former CoT building, and that the rebirth of another Council was discussed and agreed upon by many clans; mostly organizations which are members of the EG Alliance. I'm not sure where that effort will lead, but I doubt the more powerful independent clans would join and agree on a united front because of greed and pride. Maybe I'm wrong about this, and I hope that I am. If all the clans united, small and large, the corporation would have a real problem in their hands; a clan army like no other since the third rubikan war in '61.

Mother died that year, now father; the corporation has taken them both from me. They won the battle, but the war ain't over yet, and they will pay for killing my old man, in blood.

Sooner or later everyone will know that... man exists, looking like my father. I can't keep it a secret for long, he could be used against those who were his friends. I've hesitated for too long. It is time I tell the truth about this; that pesky reporter may be of use, yeah, maybe.

Omnis, cyborgs, dusters, mutants, criminals everywhere; Rubi-Ka is turning into the galactic sewer for everyone that seeks to do wrong it seems. I don't care which is first, but they are all going to pay for what they've done... their license to crap on humanity has expired, and the clans will bring on the justice, face to face.

Damn, just got in the mood for some good old fighting, I wonder if Selavi and a few of the guys would agree to head up north and kill us some borgs, on well, only one way to find out.

Oh... computer, end log."

Luis Odicio
Released September 3, 29477(2003)

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Luis Odicio
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