Articles - Tomato farming in Clondyke Lab.

It all started two years ago in a small laboratory located within a building in Clondyke. Scientist Paulo Jones decided that he wanted to find a way to encourage home farming. In todays society he knew that people growing their own food was almost non existent, so he began his experimentation. His hard work appears to have more than paid off his time... however there were some slight complications.

Although Jones is wanting to keep his methods strictly to himself, he commented to us that he began his venture by consulting methods his dead great great great great great great grandmother left in a series of holovids. From there, he learnt about her gardening enthusiasm.

Considering his relatives precise instructions as to how to successfully grow tomatoes in greenhouses, in grow bags and in simple pots, Jones knew his way through was simple. He would use stim casings. Obviously.

Our sources tell us that apparently the casings Jones used were not new and there appeared to be a chemical reaction between the remnants of the stims and the plant seeds. This resulted in the plants growing so fast, so big and so incredibly strong that the lab is now a tomato plant jungle. Huge tomatoes block the doors and windows and the splats from any tomatoes that burst are said to be particularly dangerous.

It is unclear the type of stim casing the scientist used or where he was able to get his hands on the materials however we are sure that there will be an organisation or department out there that knows the origin exactly.

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Article written by Caitriin
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