Articles - Sworn to Secrecy - Part 4

Part Four

January 2nd, 29843
Omni-Trade District, Omni-Com Building (Unknown Location)
Basement 2, Gridnet Maintenance Division
1:12PM RST*

It is rush hour in the surface, a time when most omni employees are eating lunch; relaxing and trying to enjoy their break in their working routine. However for Omni-Com employees, it's a different story. Most of their locations need to be secret, so being anywhere outside in uniform was forbidden unless it was for a repair, installation, upgrade or inspection of equipment.

Most workshops and offices were kept underground. out of sight from prying eyes. However if one was to enter their workspace, it was very well lit, clean and organized. Some places even appeared to have been so spotless that anyone could practically swear they were brand new facilities.

A large percentage of the division was made up of engineers and fixers, always in competition with each other to increase efficiency, come up with new security protocols and of course new hacking techniques and the development of countermeasures against them.

Today, was just another day full of maintenance requests, upgrade and repair reports, a busy Monday for Chief Tanaka.

He was a 62 year old solitus fixer with a passion for hacking and knowing everything within his division before anyone even brought it to his attention. Promotions had been offered to him over the years, which he declined. He was not meant to be some stuffy department director, no. Implants had helped him stall the dreaded retirement he had avoided for the past decade.

His crew were like his children, since he never married nor had kids of his own. They in turn respected him highly and would follow all of his orders without question, even when at times they appeared to be unnecessary. One thing all knew, he was a thorough man and if there was something wrong somewhere, he'd find out what it was and get it fixed.

The chief's office was small, yet very practical. A desk, his reclining chair, another chair across the desk, a small fridge and the comm unit on his desk where he kept track of everything from grid-mails to the trans-solar-system arrays that few people even knew existed.

Walking into his office with his re-heated lunch he grinned at the fact that he had used a nano-torch tool to get his food warm. Placing the container on his desk, he walks behind his desk and takes off his working gloves and puts them down on the top of his nearby fridge.

He sat on his chair, leaned back and closed his eyes for a few seconds, listening to the sound of tools in the background. he enjoyed hearing it, made him feel alive.

The enjoyment of the moment was interrupted by a small beep coming from his comm unit, which he recognized. Sitting up he knew immediately he had another grid-mail, possibly for another maintenance check.

He was correct. Sergeant Nerkath had sent him another request to check the Omni-Pol comm system. Like before he gave little detail, nor a report of what exactly was the problem. The first time it was annoying, this time around it was frustrating. He'll have to explain to him for a second time that his division can't be checking every single inch of a system based on some vague issue.

Inhaling and exhaling slowly he calmed down, and tried to open a comm to the Sergeant. An automated reply came back "Out of Office, on duty"; he wasn't surprised.

Omni-Pol officers in his mind were all muscle and little brain. Now he had to send a team to start a full diagnostics, without a clue as to what to look for. The "anomaly on one of the core databases" could mean anything from a fried leet to a serious security breach.

He knew it would take a few days and several shifts to find the problem, it's cause and hopefully a solution to fix it.

For a minute he hoped it was a dead leet, then he could have it put in a box and have it delivered to the Sergeant as a reminder of proper maintenance request protocols, but then that wouldn't be ethic. He was a professional and the problem, if there was any, will be fixed. That was his job, that was his life.

Omni-Trade, Highrise 15 - Apartment 6
3:12PM RST*

Oscar and Jennifer are eating lunch together, a rarity due to his busy work schedule. She noticed for a while now that her husband has been less talkative and deep in thought. Her only conclusion was that it was stress, with him being an Omni-Pol officer it was expected that even after years of service sooner or later stress may affect their relationship.

As they ate quietly, occasionally exchanging glances and quick smiles she thinks to herself "It's been going on since last month, I will call General Leisner and tell him about this; he's been our friend for years and if there is anything to help Oscar he will be the one able to make it happen."

She looks at her beloved husband and smiled. It's good to have friends in high places.

Oscar is barely aware of the taste of the food. He was doing his best to keep up appearances with his better half. He had dug himself a hole and now was hoping to get out of it.

He had successfully hacked into one of the core databases from an old terminal using a fake priority code from the sewer system below the Omni-Entertainment district. Luckily he was not immediately detected, but he knew somewhere in the system there would be a red flag going up and someone would eventually notice.

No matter, he had been careful and permanently disabled the terminal after he had finished copying the data Joss has instructed him to acquire. Now all there was left to do was deliver the info to the other side. Tomorrow morning he would get the instructions of how exactly that was to be done in a way in which it wouldn't be traced back to him.

Soon his debt will be lowered by a hundred million credits; then maybe a few more jobs and he could be free from his bookie's grasp. Never to gamble again. This was an expensive lesson, one which may still cost him his career and maybe his life, he needed to be very careful until it was all over.

His wife smiled at him, she looked a bit concerned which prompted him to start a conversation about her plants outside. She was always happy to talk about them. At least he knew his wife did not suspect anything was wrong with their lives, or the danger their family was in.

What neither one thought at that time, was that sometimes, good intentions, can get someone you love, killed. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. One of Newton's old laws of motion, was going to bring a world of pain to the family Reyes.

Omni-Entertainment District, Rompa Bar
4:10PM RST*

Two men in Omni-Pol uniforms walk into the well known establishment and the waitresses who notice their presence smile at them instantly. This is their favorite place to relax and both have earned a reputation as law enforcers.

A few people who also notice them avoid making eye contact with the pair and begin to make their way out of the place, slowly. This has become a routine for the shady characters and troublemakers who regularly frequent the cantina for the past few years.

Juan and Franco, the Robles brothers have a jovial and friendly attitude, until someone starts any sort of trouble. During the new year's eve party, a group of eight thugs tried to push their weight around, it was a bad choice to attempt it in front of the brothers.

In a matter of seconds, they had defused the situation without a scratch on them. The thugs weren't so lucky. They ended up with several broken arms, three broken noses, two broken legs and close range bullet wounds to shoulders, legs and thighs.

They had used force before to handle trouble there, but it had been the first time they had pulled their weapons and it had left a lasting impression.

A beautiful opifex female approached them and asked if they wanted their regular table which always had a "Reserved" sign for them.

"Sure sweetheart, would you mind getting us a couple of beer jugs?quot;

"Anything you want Franco." she replies with a hint of sensuality that can't go unnoticed, she then walks to the bar to get their beer.

Juan winks at his brother, teasing him a bit, getting an nudge from his brother's elbow in return. They enjoy coming here right after their shifts are over, to have a few drinks and socialize.

Some wave and greet them from their tables or the bar, the atmosphere seems to shift every time they arrive, to that of peace.

The siblings have been rubikan citizens for the past three years; immediately transferred after their academy graduation from Omni-Prime. Born to a couple of low paying mechanics they worked and studied hard, making honor rolls from elementary school to college. Awards and merits allowed them to earn spots into the Omni-Pol Officers Academy.

Their charm and ability to connect with people from all types of social status made them perfect candidates to join the Rubi-Ka branch.

Both have made many friends in Omni-Pol, including Oscar, whom they consider one of their best friends. Their bond was formed when they found out that Oscar spoke Spanish, an ancient language from old Earth which has been traditionally taught to them since they were children.

Their brotherhood was going to be tested soon, not only risking their friendship, but their careers and honor.

*= Rubi-Ka Standard Time

Thanks to all the Rimor roleplayers who have agreed to appear in this mini-series. Everything which is done by their characters has been approved by the players behind them.

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